Vineyard Hills, Yummy Food And Beach Sunset Views (And A Head’s Up)

If I could live anywhere in Cape Town it would be Noordhoek.

I’ve spoken about it before so I am not going to bore you with this again but now I have something new to tell you about it.  After spending another afternoon flitting between Cafe Roux (my fav breakfast spot) and The Red Herring (a new fav chill/watering hole) we were driving home when we noticed a big yellow sign inviting us to a food market.

We drove passed it.

Then immediately turned around because like, we’re not going to miss this!  Checking out new places to eat and have fun with the kids is one of my most favourite things to do – a hobby of sorts.  So we go our parking spot high up in the vineyard hills and went down to enjoy the merriment.


You guys, it was not a mistake!

The food was amazing – so much variety (artisan foods, coffee, sweet treats and then food that makes you think of home as well).  But enough about the food, let’s talk about the venue….

The picture up there is the first thing that we saw but as we came around the corner and then investigated further this is what we saw:






Unfortunately the day that we were there was pretty cold, so while it didn’t disrupt other people from having fun outside, having little people made us retire a bit early.  But I am pretty sure that if there were no clouds and if we stuck it out till sunset it would have literally blown my camera up in it’s awesomeness.

Anyway, we really had loads of fun (So here’s the head’s up! – it’s every Thursday from 4.30 – 8.30 at the Cape Point Vineyards).






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