Some Much Needed Down Time.

Statistically speaking 80% of people that go away on holiday come back and want a holiday after their holiday to recover from their holiday.  Also, 90% of you will agree that I used the word holiday way to much.

OK, so I don’t really know the stats, but I doubt that I am far off.  Either way, when we go away to Houw Hoek Inn (even just for one night) we form part of the 20% that come back feeling mostly relaxed and rejuvenated – well as much as 3 littles allow.  The kids love it their, we don’t have to worry about cleaning up and washing up (as we would in a SC place), they do room service, they have an awesome restaurant and there is so much place to play and have fun.

Before we went to the ducks, we popped in for lunch with Sammy and the extended family to celebrate Sam’s birthday.  Riya took it upon herself to be the afternoons entertainment.



Once we settled into our room at the ducks (Houw Hoek Inn), we had to take our customary “We are now in a new place” photos.  Riya was very keen to be in front of the camera, pulling the funniest faces.


So I asked her to look at me and pull an angry face…  This was the “Look at me”…IMG_8949

This was the angry face…IMG_8950

And I’ll be damned if I could ever decipher what this was, but I laughed so hard.IMG_8951

Kyla felt like channeling the blonde (cuter) version of the girl from The Ring (that comes out of the TV)




We may have a little vampire on our hands…  IMG_8964

Kyla insisted that she had a sore tummy, so she remained in her makeshift bed for most the afternoon.IMG_8998

Knox thinks that he is too cool for school, walking and stuff.IMG_9011

Peek a boo…IMG_9070

I can’t believe that she is sitting here drinking tea with us at the table.  Seriously.  Before I know if she is going to be rolling her eyes at me and demanding pocket money.




3 thoughts on “Some Much Needed Down Time.

  1. I love Riya’s top… And her face is hilarious. Your kids are super cute as always and we miss their faces. Elijah wants to play with Knox’s train 😉 glad you guys got some rest. Totally need to go away too…

  2. Oh my word! You had me cracking up at the tea! I feel that way every morning when Lil Mister comes in the room saying its time to get up and make the coffee!! We also felt that we needed an extra holiday after a week in Durban but felt so rested and relaxed after spending the day of new years swimming and having a braai in theLimpopo mountains here in Limpopo!! I think its about finding that balance and that place that works for your family! For us the open air the river fishing and swimming is better than any tourist visits!!

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