Best Way To Spend A Summers Day – Kalk Bay

Getting back into the swing of things is no joke, luckily I still have a week before I take it too seriously.  Hopefully you do too, otherwise if you are one of the unlucky ones – live vicariously through this post.

I’ve lived in Cape Town all of my life and we are honestly so spoiled here, we have all the most awesome things right on our door step – beautiful beaches, amazing wine and vineyards, forests, mountains and so, so much more.  One place that we seriously do not get to enough is Kalk Bay.  It’s something that I am definitely going to work on this year.  This place is the perfect blend of Cape Town, the beach, the fab restaurants, the shops you could spend hours in and also a seriously great mix of people too.  We have been a few times and each time we have been able to spend an entire day there and not do the same thing, each time offers something new.

Last year we went there on Boxing Day, which may have been a mistake.  Apparently this day is notorious for having absolutely everyone on the beach – we totally forgot!  But then we’ve also been on a really blustery day and it was still beautiful!

We started with breakfast, swam at the beach and then ended it off with lunch at the Brass Bell.  I doubt that we could have spent a day any better than that.

We joined our most favourite Australians and started out at Tribakery where we had yummy breakfast and even yummier coffee.




Found a new little section of beach (Dalebrook) – if you walk on the main road towards Muizenburg you’ll see the entrance on your right.  It was nice and relatively empty, it has it’s own tidal pools and rocks to investigate.







We’ve also found a brand new way to carry a baby.  Who needs to carry them in your arms or a baby wrap anyway?


Kyla was totally amazed at the waves right outside the window.  This place is totally underrated – the waves crash right next to you while you enjoy really yummy food, definitely a must to go to!





Riya’s “Please stop taking pictures of me” face.IMG_8726





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