Need To Keep Them Busy? Paint Rocks!


It’s dark in my room, my bleary, tired eyes manage to make out the light that is fighting to make it’s way through the curtains – so I know that if I’m lucky it’s around 6am.  I realise that I have actually woken up because the girls have both made their way into our room and into their spots on our bed.  I try and ignore them, keep my eyes closed and cuddle with them in the hopes that they will succumb to a little bit more sleep, but it’s futile and I know it.  So I prepare to get up.

But do you know what the first (non-fighting with each other) words are that they utter?

“Mommy, what we doing today?”

And while we have had a lot on, there have been lots of periods of the day that we find ourselves at home with nothing to do.  Apparently this is like some form of torture for my kids.  They seem to have this endless energy for doing lots and lots of things which I just can’t quite match.

Seth has been trying to redo a little area of the garden (not yet reveal ready) that will have a little sandpit in it (Knox is kind of obsessed with sand, and I am kind of obsessed with how it keeps him entertained and away from the pool).  We thought that it would be awesome to make a little rock garden of sorts around the edge.

Basically, long story short.  We had left over acrylic paint (from this project and this project and this project) and we had rocks.  So we painted them.

The girls loved it.

I’m still not entirely sure what we are going to do with the products of our creativity, but they had fun and I guess that’s all that matters.









2013-12-30 15.30.53

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