It Was A Merry Christmas Indeed!

Hello there!

I don’t know about you, but I’m finally starting to emerge from my food coma.  It’s taken a while longer than it should, but in all fairness I ate an entire farm on Christmas Day and then followed it up with another round of family festivities on Boxing Day celebrating Aunty Jean’s birthday.  Who cares about controlling oneself now? That’s what New Years resolutions are for.

On Christmas Eve we started the “new to us tradition” of leaving milk and biscuits out for Santa and then when the girls had gone to bed, we left some footprints out that kind of showed him going to the biscuits, dropping the presents and then disappearing up the chimney again – or doing some kind of dance step, either way the girls were so excited to see it when they woke up.

2013-12-24 22.16.40

After that we got ready to launch into the festivities which starts off with my parents and Seth’s parents (and our siblings) coming over to our place to open presents.  I am always amazed at how spoiled my kids are – they have no idea how lucky they are at all.











One of my favourite things that we did this year was take them to the Pinelands Craft Fair and let them choose presents for each other (and us) to put in the socks.  It was so cool that we all got to open gifts that were sort of thought out and intentional from the girls – seeing what they chose to give was very special (Riya gave me a heart locket and Kyla gave me a ring with a pink stone).

Once we finally got ourselves done and ready we were at church and then went to my inlaws for Knox to sleep before the next round of family gatherings and food eating.  When we got there we were served up every kind of farm animal every (turkey, duck, chicken, pork, beef, mutton) and to top it off we even had seafood starters!  Before meeting Seth I never even knew that it was possible to eat so much food!



We also got a chance to spend some time with Shaun, Tina and Cyan (who are normally in Dubai) – another awesome thing about Christmas is that it usually brings everyone back home from all over the world.IMG_8160

We spent the rest of the afternoon chilling outside, swimming and eating some more before opening another round of presents.  Like I said, my kids are rotten spoiled!


















It was an awesome day despite the melt downs that ensued after we got home and also despite the fact that we didn’t really get to see my parents as much as we would have liked.  But I guess that’s how it goes sometimes after eating a load more sugar and crap that they wouldn’t usually even know about!

Seriously, I think one day of chaos but being surrounded by people that we love is all worth it.

Hope your day was super awesome!

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