Knox’s Curls Are Gone!

Apparently Knox’s curls had gotten out of control.

To be honest, I wasn’t so sure.  But when I got thinking about it, I realised that I never really knew where I would draw the line in my head (as to when he would need his first haircut).  Would it be when it had gone full on jerry curl and was hanging in long dreadlocks down his back?  I think that I could have gotten to that point just out of fear of cutting it.

Well, we’ll never really know because Seth decided that it was time to transform Knox right now.

I couldn’t just let it happen without a couple of before photo’s to say goodbye to the curly gorgeous that I love:






He seemed to really enjoy the haircut.  Please excuse his pink chair and dummy (it’s the spare for two other blue dummies and I just can’t find them) – I guess it’s the right of passage for the brother of two sisters.





Even when his very skeptical sisters came to check what was happening, he was very excited to point to his head and laugh and smile at them about what was going on.





But then I think it all went on a bit too long and to top it off, he didn’t have a great afternoon nap, so he was slightly less than happy to be trapped in the (pink) chair for longer than 5 minutes.  Luckily Seth has become a total pro at this (he does his own hair) and so he was done.  After a bath and a cuddle, we did photo shoot round 2!






What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Knox’s Curls Are Gone!

  1. Always a tough decision to make. In my case, Ella decided Caleb didn’t like his curls and cut them all off herself. Many tears, from me! Knox looks so “grown up” now 🙂

  2. So cute with and without curls! He took the haircut really well… I would think most kids would be freaked out by the sound of the hair clippers 🙂 Well done Seth… I might start sending Corne to you from now on 😉

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