We Made A Gingerbread House (But We Kind Of Cheated!)

My exciting news this week is that I have gotten my 4th baby back from the hospital.  That’s right, my camera is back from it’s service and I don’t think it has ever been so great to have it back!  I can’t even tell you how much I missed it, because it’s a lot.  A whole freaking lot.  It was gone for over 2 weeks and it seemed to miss all the fun things that we were doing, typically there were a lot of them.

Anyhow, I decided to test it out yesterday when we made a super cool gingerbread house!

I really can’t take any credit at all, because the girls got this very sweet (pun intended) gift from their Aunty Romy who ordered it from Gingerbred.

2013-12-16 16.49.48

2013-12-16 16.50.38

I have to say that “excited to make it” is probably the understatement of 2013, but I can’t really explain in words their overwhelming eagerness to be part of every single step of the process.  I know that you are probably supposed to make white icing (we lost the instruction booklet when they first got it and attacked the box) and also the girls are kind of obsessed with colour so we made green and red icing – it seems sort of fitting, it being Christmas and all.





Once the icing was made, taking the gingerbread out of the packet was the absolute best – the smell that enveloped the area was just gorgeous, it took my complete resolve to not devour it right then and there – and I don’t even like ginger.

I got Seth involved in the making of it, because he’s an Architect, so by default better at making any kind of house ever and I’m better used at taking the pictures.









He’s a bit OCD, so it came out looking a bit too perfect, if that’s even possible.  You think I’m joking, but as I was taking pictures of the final product he was still busy redecorating it and moving the candies around to ensure that it was perfectly balanced.




This is the girls choosing which sweetie they want to eat first!

Thanks again Aunty Romy! We had so much fun!

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