Because I can’t find one specific thing to talk about – (I can’t even keep up with everything that’s going on right now, so I wouldn’t know where to start), I thought that I would follow in the footsteps of the lovely Dani Hampton on Sometimes Sweet and try and sum it up in a Currently post.

Listening To:  Christmas music – specifically The Three Stars Of Christmas.  Their version of the Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer immediately has me in Christmas mode, no matter what mood I’m in.  I’m trying to play it as much as possible and then dance around the room with the kids – they love it and it just makes everything fun when we’re getting ready in the morning.  Or the afternoon.


Feeling Thankful For:  There is always so much to be thankful for over this time, but the things (or things) that I am most thankful for is my family.  More specifically Seth who has been staying home to look after our babies while I’ve been at work.  I have been so very blessed with this man and his love for us all.



Thinking About: The fact that I have not bought any Christmas presents yet.  This weekend is going to kill me.  Slowly and with long queues and sweaty people.  I may as well start pulling out my hair now, although it would leave me with nothing to do while waiting in the lines.

Eating:  Too much.  Of everything.  Specifically braai’s.  We’ve had about 6 in the last week – I didn’t know that I could get sick of boerewors, but it’s possible.

Watching: We’ve left the TV off recently (unless you count the new Barbie movies that the girls have been insisting on watching), and when we do switch it on, we flick through the rubbish on DSTV and then end up watching a movie or passing out on the couch.  But the thing that I have been watching and enjoying the most is my kids.  They are hilarious and I can’t get enough of their energy for life.




Bummed Out On:  Having to work while my whole family is at home.  Also the fact that Riya basically clung to me the whole morning before I left and then that she sat and “sad cried”, begging me not to go to work.  Broke. My. Heart!  It really threw me off for the whole day – I even ended up in tears when I told my business partner about it.  Jeepers, is “Crazy Christmas Emotions” a condition that I wasn’t previously aware of?

But seriously, can you blame me for missing them?! I mean look how cute they are:




Loving:  Our the potential for “Christmas” in our new house.  Having a place to hang the Christmas socks has been a huge hit!  And also space for our stupidly big tree is making me not hate it this year – which is a huge plus.


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