What Do A Cowboy And Egyptian Have In Common?

I’ll tell you what they have in common – they are both the absolute cutest things ever in the World!

To end the year off at school, the girls had a little concert for all the parents for 2 nights in a row.  I was apprehensive of how it would go – would they be the ones that stand on the side and do nothing (judging from my Mothers Day experience) or would they actually take part?  Would they be freaked out by all the people watching or would they just get on with it?

In the weeks leading up to the concert we spoke about it a lot, talking about how we would there to watch them and how we couldn’t wait for them to show us their “moves”.  I don’t know if it helped, but they were fantastic!

Riya is in the “baby class” (although if you value your face you better not tell her that, she’s got a pretty strong arm on her).  It’s obviously because I see her everyday that I forget how tiny she really is, but seeing her out there with her classmates just made me turn into a wobbly, fragile pile of emotions.  Even though she purposely did not look in our direction and when she did she did NOT acknowledge us or smile, she did her “moves” like a pro – I think dancing classes are definitely in her future.

We had to go out and buy her cowboy hat and the only time I could go was when she was with me in the car.  When we got to the local store to buy it, she laid eyes on the golden sequined one and that was it, she WOULD NOT let us leave without it and she flat out refused to have a brown or black one like her friends in her class.  We eve had to get Kyla a pink sequined one too!  At least it helped to know where she was!








Kyla was much more excited to see us and smiled in our direction every time she saw us.  Again I was shocked at how little she was in comparison to her classmates and my heart swelled with pride at how well she did.  Even with a dishcloth on her head I’m 100% sure that she is the most gorgeous Egyptian I have ever laid eyes on!






Can you believe that she wants to cut of those gorgeous locks!

My girls, I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished this year – as usual you have exceeded my expectations on how you are able to learn new things every single day.  You are both super stars and I love being able to spend time with you every day and chat with you, to listen to the things that make you laugh, to fix the things that make you cry and to be there for you to teach and love you every day.  It is my very big privilege to be your Mom!



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