10 Days Of Giveaways – GORGEOUS Veld Scatter Cushions From Smitten Home And Life (Worth R760!)


We’ve made it through 10 whole days of giving away more than 10 awesome things to you awesome people out there that take the time to read our little bit of internet space.

What would a string of giveaways be without ending it with a massive bang!

It’s such a big bang that I am finding it very difficult to do this post – I really don’t want to give these cushions away – I know that they would look awesome in our lounge, but then again I know that they would look equally stunning in your lounge, because, well they ARE stunning.


These Veldt scatter cushion designs are inspired by indigenous fauna & flora of Southern Africa.

If you want to go and surround yourself with beauty and take in lots of gorgeous inspiration, (and also buy lots of lovely things) you definitely have to visit their store in the Farriers centre in Constantia Rd, Wynberg, Cape-Town.  Charlene and Tracey have designed this lifestyle shop that shows off a range of different ceramics, clothing, jewellery, décor, sleepwear and a select range of kids accessories, toys & clothing.

To enter this last giveaway:

36 thoughts on “10 Days Of Giveaways – GORGEOUS Veld Scatter Cushions From Smitten Home And Life (Worth R760!)

  1. Gorgeous!!! Currently in a middle of a move so I have nothing in my lounge at the momement 😦 I gave them away and decided to start fresh in our new home. These cushion would be the perfect start and inspiration to a new begining!!!!

  2. Stunning, would be gorgeous in my lounge, at the moment my fav decor item is 2 little white ceramic birds I have bought recently, and my brass reindeir couple I have out for Christmas. The cushions would look awesome with my curtains.

  3. Well, dont have a lounge right now, but hopefully in the new year, these would really look good in my envisioned space, might even replace my display cabinet as the favourite…to go in the new lounge 🙂

  4. Our coffee table is my favourite at this stage, and it doesn’t look to good 😦 This would so make my lounge look a 100times better!

  5. Since our entire space is all lounge/kitchen/bedroom (bachelor flat) can I say our bed ;P ? If not then our lovely vintage clock (which we still need to decide on a place to hang). We don’t really have lounge furniture at the moment (this being mine & fiance’s first leetle place) but this would be a great start!

  6. A WOW giveaway! My fav thing about my lounge is the canvas painting of bright veld flowers I did when we bought our home 2 years ago 🙂 I wanted to put my stamp on our home and painted a few canvases for the lounge, our bedroom and the entrance hall I still love looking at them!

  7. My curtains.. I think these cushions will definitely take over the favourite item, but at the same time will compliment it and add so much more to our current lounge ❤

  8. My favorite thing in my lounge is my new couch. In the process of a move and had to return my mother in laws couch she was lending us. Would love some scatter cushions for my couch!

  9. I have a be-a-u-ooooo-tiful metal & white washed owl hanging on the wall in my lounge (he’s gorgeous) and coming a very close second is a canvas print of 2 sun birds!

  10. My favourite décor item in my lounge is a driftwood coffee table that my husband made himself from pieces of driftwood that we picked up on the beach on our last holiday before our first baby was born. 🙂 It’s a stunner and we always get lots of compliments on it and the fact that he made it himself makes it extra special.

  11. At the moment my favourite item in the lounge is the Christmas tree. I love the tree. I love watching my 2 yo remove and rehang decorations. Lovely giveaway!

  12. Don’t blame you for wanting to hold onto these..they are stunning! My favorite item in my lounge right now is my framed canvas print of my son and I.

  13. My favourite is definately our leather recliner sofa’s that we saved for so many years to purchase,this lovely giveaway will compliment it and add that sparkle to my home for christmas 🙂

  14. Our lounge is all neutral tones and we’ve just recently painted a blue feature wall, now we need some more items of interest

  15. Favourite item in my lounge at the moment is a small South African landscape painting by Peter van Heerden, love the colours and technique he uses. I think those beautiful cushions would definitely look stunning in my lounge 😀

  16. Love…love ….love! I can Never find beautiful cushions in the shops like this… so classic and elegant. My favourite item in my lounge are my ceramic vases. They were a gift, but I love them. I need these cushions in my lounge as that focal point as everything else is so neutral.

  17. I LOVE these cushions and how did I miss your giveaways? Gee I think the best thing in my lounge is a beautiful painting of musicians by Liz Gray 🙂

  18. My favorite thing in my lounge that I managed to hold onto after a messy divorce, is a cyprus bench that looks so bare and these cushions would just be the Wow on them. After the worst 6 months of my life going through a messy divorce and having to literally sell just about everything just to “go half” including my house, these cushions would be the rainbow through the eye of the storm I was in and still trying to crawl out of. I will so grateful and overwhelmed if I could call these Veldt scatter cushions my rainbow and my prized treasure to my new beginning.

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