60(ish) Gift Ideas For Your Kids This Christmas – All South African! #buylocal

* So this post is a bit late in getting out, I blame it on the fact that I got totally engrossed in looking at all the awesome gifts that I could get for everyone.  But even if you can’t get it for your kids this Christmas, these gorgeous things are available all year round *

Something has really been on my mind as we plummet head first into Christmas and that is – what to get my kids.

In all honesty, they have way too much stuff already – they are well and truly spoiled by their grandparents, family and friends at every birthday and Christmas so far (and sometimes for no reason at all).  So I want to keep present giving small and simple this year.  I’ve heard of the “One they WANT, One they NEED, One they WEAR, One they READ” concept and I like it.  Except that I want to add an extra category that doesn’t rhyme – One they DO (with you) – OK so it kind of rhymes.


But not only am I trying to find fun gifts that will be memorable to them, but I am also trying to support small local businesses in South Africa.  Why?  Because I think it is import to support our communities, to enable people to live their passion making and creating beautiful things in our country.

So here is my list of 60ish Gift Ideas For Your Children (and if you go onto these websites you’ll definitely find some really cool things for your spouse, family and friends on there too!)
* This is not a sponsored list – I have done this research with the help of some friends and I am in no way being paid or incentivised to do this – just consider it my gift to you this Christmas *

Things They WANT

This could be an exceptionally loooong category because when I asked my kids what they wanted, they just didn’t stop talking.  Some of their wants have been included into the list but I’ve left out the “Pink pwincess car that can ride ona woad” that Riya wanted because she is still a few years shy of getting her license.

Heart Earrings - TokenStar_earrings - Silver Fig

Pierced Ears with Earrings to match

It’s become time to pierce those little ears (only because they are asking for it).  And these earrings from Token are gorgeous and would look perfect on their little ears.

I have a feeling that the girls will be as sensitive to the type of earrings they use as I am, these stars from Silver Fig would also be perfect because they are pure silver. Both are great options for little girls.

washi-10 - Japanese WashiArts & Craft Supplies

It’s so nice to pull out the craft box when the kids need entertaining but you still need to cook supper. Googley eyes, glue, feathers, construction paper, scissors, popsicle sticks, watercolors, markers, etc. are all great things to bundle together in a little craft set.  

These gorgeous washi tapes (from Japanese Washi) would be an awesome addition to this box, although I’m sure you’ll want to keep them in your own special craft box because they are just too lovely to waste.

Pirate-Foam-Mask-Craft-Kit - Ellie Crate

Monthly Craft Kit.

I always want to spend time crafting with my kids, but often the follow through just isn’t there – because seriously, that’s why I send them to school, I know I won’t be able to do everything with them because I never have all the bits and pieces required to make cool things.  Now there is a solution – Ellie Crate is a monthly craft club for kids!  You will receive all the materials and inspiration for 2 projects for 4 – 7 year olds, in arts and crafts, imaginative play and more right to your door (or post office)!  Then there will be no more excuses as to why we can’t get crafty! (The crafts are for boy and girls.)

Lipgloss - Hey Gorgeous Skincare

Beauty Products

Who doesn’t want to smell lovely and pamper themselves?

I know my girls LOVE to have me put my make up on them in the mornings and they always ask me for their own to use – the solution – these yummy Lipbalms from Hey Gorgeous Skincare.  Now they can have their very own set of make up to use.  Also the rest of their range would be awesome presents for the other women in your life.

Mushroom Factory - The Mushroom factory

A Mushroom Factory Kit

Now, I suppose that this is a rather weird one, but hear me out.  It’s quite important to me that gifts aren’t just random.  I like to have a well thought out gift given to me – at the very least it should actually be something that they are interested in, and if they can learn something as well then that’s a double slam dunk.  So Kyla is OBSESSED with mushrooms and eats them like apples.  This would be awesome to teach her how they grow, with her very own mushroom factory kit.
Wall Boxes - Tamarillo Ceramics

Some Girly Bedroom Decor

We’ve recently moved to our own house and we haven’t had a chance to make the girls room really feel like theirs.  Having awesome decor would really help them to make them feel like the space is their own.

Not only are these wall boxes (from Tamarillo Ceramics)  functional, they are gorgeous too.   I know that the girls would LOVE to have them up in their room to put their special things on.
HR_gold_couple - Hello PrettyUnusual Boys Room Decor

Knox’s room needs some serious attention.  We need to get started on putting some decor in there that is actually there for a reason, these LEGO book ends (available in other colours too) from Hello Pretty would be perfect.  But oh my word, you have to know that there is so much stuff on here for everyone and anyone!

robot3 - Little Honey PotMore Boy Room Decor

These little ceramic robots from Little Honey Pot are so unique.  I love that they look like they could be fighting, but they could also be breaking it down to their favourite jam.  I know that Knox would definitely love these too.

DD_Maddyn_Lewis - -Doodle DollA Doodle Doll

I’ve seen this concept floating around Pinterest for a while now and I would love to get my hands on one that the girls have done.  Now you can get them from the Ideas Market – this would be awesome for grandparents or teachers (if you got your child to draw a picture of the grandparent or teacher).

Chalk-Board-Paints - Kids CoveChalk Board Paint

Chalk Board Paint is always a win (I really miss the one we left behind at the old house) and now you can get in different colours.  The beauty of this present is that you will have given them what they have always wanted – permission to draw on their walls in their room – get it from Kids Cove.  It’s so cool that you can have it in all different colours, because black doesn’t always suite the decor or mood of the room.

Miffy the Rabbit Cookie Cutter - I Love This And ThatBunny Rabbit Cookie Cutter (Miffy – I totally remember watching this as a kid)

How cute is this cookie cutter – our kids don’t need any more motivation to get into the kitchen, but these biscuits would look awesome! – I Love This and That (also check out all these other cool things for parties!!!)

Things They NEED

You know it’s not a bad idea to give the kids something that they need for Christmas.  It always seems like we should be doing/getting that for them anyway so you can’t give as a present, but seriously it’s just not possible to buy 3 kids a whole lot of gifts that they don’t need AND still give them everything they need additional to that.

Extracurricular activity items. If your child is signed up for ballet, a tutu makes a great gift. The girls would wear theirs ALL DAY if I wasn’t so worried about it getting destroyed.

Red Harmonica_medium - Heart and HomeMusical gifts

I know right!  What sane parent would recommend buying them noisy gifts, like their usual noise isn’t enough?!   But seriously it’s a great way to expose them to this creative outlet from a young age, maybe they would want to pursue it later on in life as well.

This harmonica from Heart and Home is awesome – our girls love playing Seth’s one.  There really so many options in this field.

Mini Chef Apron - Sinny La Minx

Protective Gear

I don’t know about you, but when my Masterchefs get into the kitchen they just can’t help themselves, they make a huge mess.  Their clothing changes colour and I spend the last minutes of our cooking/baking experiment wondering if it will ever come out.

It doesn’t help that we don’t have any kiddie aprons, so these aprons from Sinny la Minx are just perfect (also, those dresses!!)

Fairy Princess Crockery - YuppieChefGood Quality Dinnerware  

We use our kiddies dinnerware like it’s going out of fashion.  They love to have interesting pictures to look at while they are eating and for me these great quality plates and bowls can go into the dishwasher – a huge massive plus.

This and more variety available at Yuppiechef. But I know you are going to get lost in all the variety available on their site (for big and small).

Puppy Theme - The Letter Lady

Name On The Door

From before Kyla was born we already had her name letters ready to go up on her door.  The problem was that there was never a great selection when we found them at toy shops.  The Letter Lady solves this problem for you with a range of different themes that you can choose from.

Natural-Olive-Shampoo-Body-Wash-200ml - Oh Lief

Natural Both Products

So this isn’t really a present for them I guess, but it is a present for you because you know that you are protecting your babies from any harmful chemicals that are sometimes found in other soaps and body washes.

Also, you need to bath them so why not use the best Oh Lief – all natural and made right here in the RSA.

Pink Bunny Watering Can - Heart and HomeFor their garden

A while a go my girls were taught how to plant a new plant into a pot at school  Then they got to bring it home.  Since then I have been watering it and it’s finally flowered.

I am sure that if I could give them this cool pink Bunny watering can from Heart and Home they would never, ever forget to water their growing flowers.  We would possibly even end up up over watering it.

On The Road Backpack - My Friend LilyCool School Bags

Having the same school bag as everyone else is just not cool and also it’s confusing for little people when they have the exact same bag as half the class.  The amount of times we have ended up with other kids things coming home in our kids bags is astounding.

I’m trying to stay away from the princesses and the Ben 10’s of the world because there are other cooler things for kids out there, like this new bag for Knox from My Friend Lily.

Rabbit Lamp - ColleretteA Little Bunny Lamp

Little embellishments in a room really stand out for me, it shows personality and makes the room come alive.  We have a lamp for the girls room, but this awesome little bunny lamp from Collerette would be so much more effective and inline with their personality.

It is just too cute!  I love it’s little bunny face.  Imagine how cute it would look at night when it’s the only light on!

The Lunchbox - The Lunchbox

They’ve Gotta Eat!

So they need lunch and maybe it’s not a great Christmas present but maybe consider it a present to yourself for the next year.  I don’t know about you, but I never have anything to pack into the kids lunches unless I’ve actually gone shopping recently (which I just don’t get to doing – it’s a problem actually).

But The LunchBox takes all the stress out of the mornings.  No better present than that!

Under The Sea Bamboo Dinner Set - Love Mae

Boy Plates

Knox is sick of eating off pink plates (I can read his mind) so this gorgeous bamboo (DISHWASHER SAFE) dinner set would be awesome from Love Mae.

Things They WEAR

For our regular readers, you know that dressing our kids up makes me happy.  Really happy.  These clothes I’ve found make me extra, super happy.

Henry-Tee-White - Sticky FudgeMustache Boys T-Shirt

You can’t go wrong with stunning but durable clothing made right here in South Africa.  One place that you can always count on to provide you with the most gorgeous clothing that is bang on trend is Sticky Fudge.

I’m in love with this glasses and mo t-shirt for Knox.  He will be just like his Daddy – a full blown hipster.  In fact I’ve actually just ordered this very t-shirt for Knox, I know he is going to LOVE it!

(Also check out their awesome 50% off EVERYTHING SALE ending today!)
Tunic - Love SojoSuper Cute Dresses

In Summer I cannot get my girls out of dresses.  The are obsessed with everything girly and swirly and beautiful.  If it comes in pink and if, when you twirl around, then it lifts up, then it’s basically impossible to ever get it off them.  Literally.

This super cute dress from Love Sojo would be a definite winner in our house, even though I chose to show you the blue option – they do have other colour variations on their site – go and check them out.
Pendant Necklaces - Antique Fusion“Heirloom” Jewellery

I can’t get enough of these designs for myself, but I also can’t wait to have a custom piece of jewellery that I can give the girls now for them to treasure for a long time to come – possibly even for them to pass on to their girls.  Antique Fusion has so many gorgeous things to choose from and you can personalise them too!
Script Bracelet - We-Heart-This Online

Silver Bracelets

Another personalised piece that you can get for your girls (or wife/partner) is this awesome inscribed bracelet from We-Heart-This.

They will forever be able to carry your words of love or encouragement around with them wherever they may go in the future.

Petal_Pink - Mooi GoetePrincess Dress

Seriously guys, I’m not kidding.  Pink, frilly and gorgeous?  My girls are sold.  They happened to see this picture and stared at it and demanded it immediately.  They wouldn’t let up, saying that if they can’t have it for Christmas then they want it for their birthday.  Nothing else will do!

So really, this is a winner from Mooi Goete.

They have so many other cool things there too for everyone else – definitely worth a look!

Lula by Emma Capes - Fab ThingsIt’s Dress Up Time!

I’m all about building a dress-up box out of unique finds because imaginative play is brain power. Or maybe not, I just made that up but I bet it’s good for kids or something.

These cute super hero outfits for boys and girls would be an excellent addition to any dress up box – who doesn’t want to be a super hero?!  Fab Things is the place to go to, to hook your super girl or super boy out with the coolest cape ever.

Beach Gowns - MooMoo KidsBeach Time!

Aren’t we so blessed that during the best holidays of the year we get to spend it lounging around on the beach and splashing in the pool instead of shivering under mountains of blankets!  An absolute essential for any swimmer out there are these beach gown from MooMooKids!

Tie and suspenders - Bella DaisyTime For Work

I have struggled to find cool things for my boy.  I’m not such a fan of the generic dinosaurs and trucks on every item that he has and also, I don’t know why, but I love to see him looking like his Daddy in more than just being the exact baby replica of him.

These cute suspenders and tie for Knox from Bella Daisy are perfect as Seth is a tie man for work and it looks amazing.

He did it - she did it - Baa Baa Black Sheep


I can’t even tell you the amount of times that I have walked into a room and noticed something that should definitely not have been done.  I turn to the girls and they are already pointing fingers at each other…

These cute t-shirts perfectly describe my girls and their relationship – obviously we would make one change in that they should both say SHE DID IT! From Baa Baa Black Sheep.  They also have a wide range of cute, original sayings on their clothing.

Smock Dress - Sinny La Minx

Pink dress for the win!

So gorgeous – Smock Dress from Sinny La Minx

Things They READ (Or Learn)

* I have yet to find a “Book-Of-The-Month Club!” where you subscribe and have new books sent to your door every month.  This would be awesome!  If you ever find one please let me know!
* We have little mini chefs that are very eager to learn new things – this Cooking Club is the ideal solution!
* If you can’t join a book of the month club you can always order a new book of your choice every month directly from Kiddlewinks (specifically my friend Lizanne – lizannepitt@gmail.com) – This will be delivered to your closest post office.  Not only are you getting cool books for discounted prices, you are supporting a Mom who really wants to stay at home with her children but also wants to help provide for them.
Learning Activities.

Wriggle and Rhyme

Dance and movement classes

Getting your kids to move and express themselves is so important for their physical development and I am no expert, but I am sure that it helps to put their emotions and brain development into a better area too.

Now you can take them to Wriggle and Rhyme and get to have fun together learning about music.

All my friends that go to this absolutely rave about it, they really love it and I am sure you would too.

Yellowwood Tree - HeartWoodBuy a tree

Buy them a tree from Heartwood Trees – this is something that I have been dying to do for the kids.  Have each of them help plant a tree in our new “forever” home and watch it grow old as they do.  Can you imagine them helping you plant it and then 20 years later looking at a tree that is bigger than they are!

If you don’t have your own home then use a grandparents house or a friend or even a park (although you’d probably need permission).

Traditional Pick Up Sticks - Heart and HomeTimless toys

There is nothing like playing games with your kids that you used to play with your parents when you were younger.  Pick Up Sticks was a firm favourite in our home and I know that our kids would love it too!  It was one that I actually got a chance to beat my brother in.

No you can get your Pick up Sticks from Heart and Home

hopscotch - StickarooLearning numbers and having fun too!

One of the things that I need to work on with my kids is number recognition.  Let’s just say that if there was a 2 and a 5 in front of them they would have a hard time in telling me which was which.  It’s something we need to work on this holiday.

But what better way to learn that to play games.  One thing that the girls have no problem doing is jumping around and playing hopscotch with Stickaroo is the perfect combination!

peter rabbit vintage blocks - My Friend Lily

Build those towers

Building blocks just so ugly nowadays.  Either they are plastic and warped so they don’t balance nicely or they are those tiny little wooden ones that get lost so easily.

Now there are gorgeous vintage Peter Rabbit blocks from My Friend Lily.  Being a bit more girly than the usual blocks, I know that the girls would love it, although Peter Rabbit is very gender neutral so it can really go either way.

Pirate Puzzle in Cool Box - My Friend LilyBoys toys

Having had 2 girls first, when Knox arrive there were no toys that were for him only.  Especially in the puzzle area, we had nothing that was even remotely “boy themed”.  We are slowly correcting that and I’m sure that this pirate puzzle might keep him entertained longer than the fairy option – My Friend Lily

Things They DO

Experience gifts are so underrated!  One of my clearest memories is getting dressed up to go to the real Ballet with my grandmother – it was such a fantastic experience that I have only experienced once in my life time so far and it’s left a permanent imprint on my mind.  One of the girls most favourite things to do right now is to go out for milkshakes.  It’s such a cool time where we divide and conquer our brood so that we can spend a little quality (one on one or one on two) time with them every so often.  Since we’ve moved and finances started becoming tighter, these outings happen a little less frequently than they should, but still, each outing is a fun one and cherished by all involved.  So here are some great experience type gifts to give your kids:

member-discount - AquariumMemberships to a children’s museum or the zoo

 We don’t have a zoo but we do have The Aquarium (heads up – you get a discount if you do it online) and The World OF Birds here in Cape Town. They LOVE seeing all the different animals, birds and fish.

* Paint Your Own Pottery trip – Clay Cafe. I haven’t been brave enough to take my girls yet, but I went with my Mom a while back and we had a blast! It is so fun and you don’t have to make something you bring home, you can have your child make something like a pretty vase to donate to the local nursing home.

* Tickets to the movies, theater production, or concert.  There are so many things like this that we haven’t even got to trying yet – I know that Canal Walk often does shows in the holidays, although this holiday they have a snow park which is not really the same, but keep and eye out in the other holidays.

* Gift certificates to a favorite ice cream/cupcake shoppe. Because we all scream for ice cream.

* Gift certificates for a family outing, such as ice skating or mini golf. Or, if they are teenagers and are embarrassed to be seen with you then maybe for a friends outing – although the first prize is actually spending some time with your kids.

* Crafting or baking dates – setting aside a hour or 2 in the day to spend time doing something fun – making wind chimes or even just baking a cake for every one to enjoy – as you will see on Pinterest – the options are ENDLESS!

Strawberry Picking - Polkadraai FarmDo some strawberry picking at Polkadraai Farm, picking your own berries would encourage them to eat them, show them how it all happens and allow you to use them to make something yummy in the kitchen when you get back like smoothies or frozen yoghurt.

* Take a walk around the V&A Waterfront and while you enjoy the sights you have to get some ice cream from The Creamery you will definitely not be sorry!  The chocolate one is so heavenly that I sometimes dream about it!

* So there is no better place to take my girls than a place called PINK!  Pop into Pink Coffee Boutique and after you’ve indulged in something yummy to eat and ordered the best coffee milkshake ever, you HAVE to stop at the shop in the entrance.  If I could take each and every item there and put it into my house I would in a second.  So gorgeous!

* I’ve been waiting to do this one because of Knox’s obsession with putting things into his mouth, but the Scratch Patch is definitely on my bucket list for the holidays next year – they even come home with a collection of precious stones

And For Everyone Else:

So, these are a few other things that I saw that I just couldn’t resist putting into this post because, like um, they are gorgeous!

* We have a serious need for mugs in our house – mostly due to the high accident rate.  But these mugs from Love Milo (which is coincidentally perfect because I LOVE MILO) would be very happy in our home.  Plus also, I love their scatter cushions and actually everything the have on offer.

bunny salt and pepper shakers white - The Pickled Fish


I love to have people over to entertain and enjoy a meal together.  Having these cute little Bunny Salt and Pepper Shakers on the table for dinner parties would just make the evening so much more special, they are just too flipping cute!

This and so much more at The Pickled Fish

serviette_rings_3 - Swagger ProductsBirdies

Digging these serviette holders from Swagger Products

* Another cool thing to do to have a memory of your kids with you always is to have their finger print engraved into silver – check out – Little Impressions

* This is awesome, because you will be totally kitted out for every possible party you will ever have – Cake Decorating Magazine – sign up and get so many things for free

Chalkboard Post Card Placemats - DeLovelyI love these placemats – perfect for entertaining and leaving a special message for each guest – DeLovely

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  1. Incredible list! My mind is blown. How much time did you spend on compiling these and then writing them up? The only thing we had set for this year was our ‘to do’ which was going to be all of us signing up to go to Dragon School Together and be our own clan (http://www.schoolofdragons.com – don’t worry, it’s not a REAL clan 😉 I’m going to shamelessly print this out and carry it with me when I’m shopping! Thank you for this!

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