10 Days Of Giveaways – 2 Pairs Of Monster Feet! (Worth R150 Each)


So excited that we will have TWO winners today!!
One of the things that my girls love to do is dress up.  Actually, love is possibly an understatement.  Obsessed is probably more accurate – anything and everything dress up is adored.  On a sort of unrelated note, winter comes and no matter how hard I try I just can’t get them to keep their slippers on…  Until we got some monster feet in our lives, they didn’t want to take them off even though they were a bit too big!  Dress up for the win!
* Excuse my phone pictures (my camera is in for a much needed service) *
2013-12-09 19.24.40
These cool slippers are warm and comfortable (really, I’ve tried them myself) and they are fun to wear too.  Besides keeping my toes nice and toasty, when I put them on and chase the girls around they love it because a real monster is after them.  (Excuse my very, very untanned legs)
2013-12-09 19.25.06
So, these slippers are for your tots to grow into or for you because they are sort of “one size fits all” up until size 8 and come in a range of 6 different colours.
To enter:
* Comment below on the colour you would most like to have
If you don’t want to wait until the announcement of the winners to and grab yourself a pair for your kids (or yourself) go and check the Monster Feet website.

23 thoughts on “10 Days Of Giveaways – 2 Pairs Of Monster Feet! (Worth R150 Each)

  1. my litt boys would die for some green ones, their entire bedroom theme is dinosaurs and I can see these bring lots of fun. liked both pages. thanks for the monster feet share.

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