Our Afternoon At A Minnie and Mickey Mouse Party

Oh hello there.

I’m going to take a break from current regular program (of giveaways everyday) and share loads of photos of a super cool Minnie and Mickey Mouse party that we went to last weekend.

It’s been a fairly long time since I’ve picked up my camera to capture all our little moments (not including my phone), this partly due to the fact that it needs a service and so some of the pictures are consistently blurry and also I have just lacked the luster to do it.  But this party brought it back in a big way.  There is nothing like sharing a day with friends to make you want to capture the smiles and laughs and little moments that we share.

So this post is full of pictures of a really fun afternoon, spent celebrating 2 very special people in our lives.  Even though Elijah and Naomi now live far too far away from us, we still consider them a big part of our friend family that we miss so much.

Liz and Chris made the day super awesome with simple but super cute party packs, boerie rolls and TWO birthday cakes!!  I don’t know how they did it, but it was a really great party!

Kyla pretty much took over the trampoline.  Like totally owned it.  I love the way her hair flies around her face when she jumps and how you can almost feel how much fun she is having!



Knox pretty much dominated the sand box and surprisingly hardly any of it went into his mouth!IMG_7500

Alice showed us how easy walking is!


Kyla and Riya ate far too many black icinged cup cakes for my liking.


Sadie couldn’t help but smile when she saw me stalking them with the camera…  How cute are these girls!IMG_7532

Leah’s face is just too precious!IMG_7534




I can’t stop looking at how hot my husband is.  Like seriously.  Even despite his serious hipsterness.




My two favourite boys.  I just can’t get enough of them.IMG_7590

I’m not sure of her name, but she came and asked me to take this picture of her – so cute!  And the pose!


The Minnie Mouse Cake…IMG_7604

The Mickey Mouse CakeIMG_7607

Singing Happy Birthday!!IMG_7615

Elijah got a bit shy to blow out the candles…IMG_7619

So Daddy came to help…IMG_7621

Cake eating is a serious business guys!IMG_7643

The birthday girl even got her share!IMG_7649

Seriously!  Even with Kyla’s bag around his neck!IMG_7654

Kyla listening and nicely holding up her super cute party pack – Riya not listening and already ripping her opening and devouring the contents!IMG_7432

I’ll just stand by myself thank you very much…IMG_7433


I’m still surprized by how long she kept those ears on her head!  IMG_7445




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