Our Version Of The Latest #Dinovember Trend

So, we did it.

And surprisingly KEPT doing it.

Even though it’s often a very last minute thought, we are now 3 nights in to the Dinosaurs coming alive in our lounge and every night before bed, the girls are staring at me wide eyed, coming up with all the new things that the dino’s could be doing while they are asleep.  In an excited slur they stammer over their words because it’s just so exciting to imagine what they could be getting up to next, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, maybe dey going to play Rap… Mommy maybe dey play Rapunzel-Rapunzel!” or “Mom, Mommy, Mom maybe dey going to, maybe dey going to, maybe dey going to FIGHT!

While the dinos seem to be a huge hit, I’ve noticed that if they haven’t involved the Barbie’s that night, then the girls just aren’t as interested – apparently our girls are super girly, as if all the pink was not already a clear indicator!  They have also never played with their Barbie’s as much as they have in the last couple of days.  So if nothing else, at least this will get them to play with toy that they never bothered with before.

On the first night of #dinovember or now known as “The Time The Toys Came Alive Every Night Before Christmas”, they got together with the other toys to introduce themselves.  They also, very considerately, write the kids a note – check it out in this post.

On the second night of “TTTTCAENBC” they thought that the Christmas tree definitely did not have enough lights on it and so they thought that they would help put up the lights.  They were vaguely successful, although I think the Betty the Barbie may have a sore head and also, dinosaurs are super clumsy!

This is definitely one of my favourite ones, probably because Seth helped me to stage this one and thought about put the one using the other ones head to climb up on and hanging one of the dinos upside down in the lights!





On the third night of “TTTTCAENBC” those naughty dinosaurs got totally dressed up daaaaaahling.  I can just hear them in my mind, “Oh you know Beatrice, have you seen how wrinkly Petunia is looking nowadays – she just isn’t taking care of herself like she should!”.  “And have you seen her teeth?!  I don’t think she has EVER used a toothpick before!”


On the fourth night of “TTTTCAENBC” they decided to leave their mark on Kyla’s drawing book! Even leaving their foot prints and drawing all over each other.  Kyla was not at all amused.  (Can you tell that I did this right before going to bed because I totally almost forgot!)



If you want to see what’s happening every night I’ve been posting them on Instagram and Twitter and if you want to WIN 1 of 3 R100 vouchers with http://www.loot.co.za check out yesterdays post and comment (also if you haven’t already – LIKE our Facebook Page either by clicking the like button near the top right hand side of your screen or click HERE)

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