The Here And Now

I know you parents out there know this, but parenting is no joke.  Seriously the single hardest thing that I have ever done.  But if I could share with you one of the most important lesson that I have learnt being a parent with sick children, is that you should never, EVER think that you have been spared the illness that has affected the rest of your family.  Because right then.  Right at that very moment – it will get you.

Like it just got me.

But such is life and I hear that at around 6, they stop being so susceptible to these kind of things.  Which is great news, cos that’s only like another 5 years to go, so technically we are half way there.


In other news…

Riya has been chosen to do another round of modelling for Sticky Fudge next week.  When the email arrived I was in such shock that I was tempted to reply with something along the lines of, “Are you sure you want us back?”.  But I didn’t because, um, well it’s pretty awesome and I am so proud of her for how well she did the last time.  When I told her, she even seemed really excited despite her very clear instructions following the last shoot (“I never want to do that ever again!”), but when I said that we were going to go back to that “playdate where she had the easter eggs and juice” she was totally sold.  This time I’m definitely going to make sure I remember to take the juice home with us.

I’m super interested to see if doing it the second time around will make her more inclined to do it or more impossible to deal with.  Either way, I’m dying to see what they are going to put her in!  Their clothes are just too gorgeous for words (go and see for yourself).

Otherwise things around these parts are moving swiftly towards Christmas, with a rapid pace that is leaving me sprinting after it and just when I think I have caught up and take a moment to stop and try to catch my breath, then it’s going again.  Non. stop.  I’m not even lying to you when I say that we do not have a free weekend until the New Year.  And while we are really keen to go to all of the things that we have been invited to, I am concerned that we are not going to cope with it all.  Anyone else suffering with that problem?

One thought on “The Here And Now

  1. Yay Riya!! Well done sweety, I am sure she will have lots of fun especially now that she knows what it’s all about. Hope you feel better soon too Cindy! And to answer your question, yes, a bit scared that with all that’s happening over the holiday time that in the end one doesn’t have a chance to just recuperate from an already busy year! But in saying that, we say “yes” to all these activities because we want to go!! Here’s to ending the year on the same note it started, hectically busy but totally worth it! 😉

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