They Have No Idea What They’re In For

This is how the girls and I will be spending our morning…  And I can’t wait!





Can you believe that the last time I properly baked with my kids (where I actually let them “help” me) was a whole year ago when we made rainbow flap jacks?  I’m disgusted with myself and the girls even more so.  But Loot have given me a very necessary opportunity to redeem myself and put me back in their good graces.  Thank goodness!

BUT, the poor people over at have absolutely no idea what they have gotten themselves into.  The Alfino’s are about to descend upon them and cause messy chaos.  Which is probably a good distraction technique as we are going to #getyourbake on with actual, real life FOOD BLOGGERS…  Like people that actually love to do this and could probably do it in their sleep.  Nervous?  Me?  No ways.  I have a 3 and 4 year old to blame, uh I mean, I’m sure we have this under control…

So we will be going head to head with Candice over at The Gorgeous Gourmet, Kirsty from Food Monger, Betty from Betty Bake Blog and Kathryn from Becoming You to name just a few of my fellow bakers.  After stalking them, I mean, checking them out online, I think we are about to schooled.  And that’s OK, because I’m teaching the girls to loose with grace and also, once the goodies are baked they will be given to the local children’s home for their tea and they deserve a lot of great looking cake to eat!

I hope that you all have a fab Saturday and maybe this will inspire you to #getyourbakeon with your littles especially as we are apparently going to be rained out all day!

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