That Time I Lost My Child

So, maybe you can help me find my daughter.  I know she’s there somewhere.  Can you see her?


What about now?


Aaaah, there she is.


I suppose I should tell you that I didn’t actually lose my daughter, on account of the fact that I kind of want to keep her around some more and I pride myself on being able to track them like a hungry predator.  Also, have I told you that when she looks like this at me, it’s like I’m looking through a time machine at my much younger and prettier self – I’m pretty sure we have the same “skeef” look or death stare.  In fact she has probably bettered it, because hers is definitely effective.

One of this years school fundraisers (and co-incidentally also the only one that we have attended) was a Big Walk at a nearby park.  The girls were super excited to go.  They even helpfully got dressed into their colours (Riya – Red and Kyla – Dark Blue) before we headed out into the sunshine to walk around the park.  When we got there the girls were almost surprised to see their teachers and school friends out in this place (even though we’d discussed this at length in the car on the way there).  This must have been the trigger that threw Riya off centre and into no mans land.  Or more descriptively, “no man is going to get her to do what they want her to do land”.  For reals yo.  Talk about impossible.

It could also have been that we had to split them up into classes to walk so we left Seth, Knox and Kyla behind to start off the walking.  Actually it was probably this that set her off, combined with the fact that they had to get stamps on their arms at every stop.

Nothing like a group of parents staring at you while your daughter deliberately ignores you to build your parenting confidence.

Thankfully they scored an ice cream and then a play at the park afterwards.  So technically they really did have fun.  I think.


IMG_6845Oh and um, *cough*, I uh, wanted to remind you to uh, *cough*, like um, nominate me and stuff.  You know, cos I know you’ve been busy and all, but today you have that free moment to be awesome!



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