Memories Are Made With Days Like These

I have never enjoyed being home with my family as much as I am right now.

Maybe it’s just the new house and all the great, new things that go with that or it’s because the kids are old enough to do things on their own now which makes everything a little easier, but lazy days at home are now my most favourite thing to do.  Add some friends into the mix and you just can’t get a better way to spend a day.

Having people over at our place, eating great food, relaxing with a glass of wine, watching the kids playing together, swimming in the sun, chatting under the shade of an umbrella, drinking coffee to the giggles of our children building friendships and even cleaning up the mess afterwards is always what I have wanted to do.   We did it regularly with our family friends – where lunch braais lead to coffee and treats which just naturally lead on to eating the leftover braai for supper.  Spending real quality time together is why we felt like we weren’t just friends – we were family.  If there is anything that I want my kids to experience like I did when I was a kid, this is definitely it!

Yesterday consisted of all of those good things – even giving the pool it’s first dip for the Summer.  I could tell by the girls overtired tantrums that they had a really great time.  Just joking, they actually told me they had a great time too!

Also, I don’t know why I get so hung up on this stuff.  It’s so bad that before (even just a couple of weeks ago) I wouldn’t have shown you these photos because of these things, but I’m going to get over myself and my stupid hang up and share them anyway – just now with a fore warning – please excuse the very long grass (we’ve managed to cut the front so the neighbours don’t hate us for bringing down the neighbourhood), the colour of the house (really not even close to what we want it to be) and my husbands very interesting hair do (it’s a forbidden subject).  How’s that for a proper #nofilterday type post!!






Running out of the way before the Daddies splashed into the pool!IMG_6968



The girls were SO excited when we pulled out Willie (the killer whale).  The noise pollution that we created today was great!IMG_7037

Mr Knox surveying the scene….IMG_6988

Unimpressed by the show he decided to bash me (and a poor little Ben) with a bat instead…IMG_7000






By the end of the afternoon the wind was well and truly blowing – the poor umbrella nearly flew away.IMG_7130It was such a great memory making afternoon and I can’t wait to spend some more great time with friends in our new space.

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3 thoughts on “Memories Are Made With Days Like These

  1. Can I just say Cindy that I didn’t even notice any of the “bad” things in your pictures that you wouldnt normally share! Being real and unfiltered is what makes your posts awesome to read because there is a sense of security in reading that other people have the same issues and problems and that no one’s life is perfectly happy and great all the time. So glad you are able to enjoy your home with your kids and friends, it makes all the difference to enjoying going home to a space you love.

    • I know I’m crazy. I blame staring at picture perfect Pinterest for hours on end. Thanks for your comment my dearest friend, it is very reassuring to know that you are there for me to knock my head straight!

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