Routines, Rituals and Randomness

I have a little problem.

My children thrive on routine.

But then again, apparently most children do.  I thought mine were different, but I guess I was very wrong.

Every time I think that I can change the routine and no one will notice, I am met with either a very intense emotional rollercoaster from the oldest or a “you can’t seriously be growling at me right now” tantrum from my middlest – seriously though, she actually growl-screamed at me during her last episode.  It was so funny that I couldn’t help but burst out laughing, which obviously aided the discipline process – NOT.

(But look how cute she is despite the bin in the background – all kitted out and ready to head out into the 28 degree heat…)


We now have sooooo many routines and rituals in almost every facet of our day that I can barely remember them – which is always to my detriment.

From Kyla dictating that Papa clips her into the carseat when she is at school, Ga when she leaves their house, me when we leave our house and Seth when we leave the shops to Riya reciting the nightly prayer order, “First Mommy, den me cos I at da top, den Daddy and then Kyla.  And then Knox!  No Knocky too small!”  Or the bath/get dressed routine, or the hair brushing routine, or the school drop off routine, or the ever increasing bedtime routine.  This is not to mention the kiss, hug and high five that has to accompany each and every time we say goodbye or good night.

I have read a few parenting books (which I blame in a large part for the really stupid things that we did as new parents) and I know that most kids thrive on routine.  But flip.  Sometimes I feel like I have created robots that can’t function when things are different.

I am not a real fan of routine, which is probably when I am not very organised.  Doing the same thing over and over again with absolutely no change makes me want to hide in my shower with wine and Nik Naks.  But I suppose it’s better than having to deal with the crying and tantrums that the other option would bring out.

Do you stick to a hectic routine?  Do your kids freak out when they break routine?  Is there an age that they start to adapt to change?

5 thoughts on “Routines, Rituals and Randomness

  1. Are her shoes on the wrong feet? just noticed… too busy looking at her beautiful face on saturday with the cap on….crazy child. maybe routine is one thing they inherit from me…. Sorry!!!

  2. Oh our L has to have a very strict routine – the other two at 6 and 8 are not that bothered and yes, it is about at 6 when you can start playing around with it a bit. Although mornings and evening baths has to have routines on school days.

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