I’m Going To Be Straight With You

So um, there’s this um, competition thing happening over at Kidz World at the moment and I um, would really like to get all up in that business.

Look, I know this is probably the 100th post along these lines that you’ve read in the last couple of days, so I’m not going to sugar coat it.  On the one hand I know that there are 100’s of other awesome Mommy Bloggers out there in our South African land, but on the other hand, I work damn hard at all of these posts and you guys seem to come back and read them all.  So there’s that.

If you enjoy coming back here every now and again to read the things that I write, to learn from my mistakes, to cry with me, to laugh with me, to laugh at me – whatever the case is – won’t you please just take a little bit of time out of your day to nominate us?  All you have to do is click this button…


Apparently there is sometimes a problem with the site (probably all the people trying to nominate us and stuff), so if you are struggling to get there through this button, you can also go directly to http://www.kidzworld.co.za then click on the competitions tab at the top, scroll down to the Mommy Blogger nominations and then complete the little form there – our Website address is http://www.alfinos.wordpress.com (in case you are viewing the site through a blog viewer and can’t see it).

Don’t worry – you can get something out of it too – 3 lucky readers who nominated and voted for their favourite Mommy Blogger will each win a hamper of books courtesy of Pan Macmillan publishers! (Please note: The books included in these hampers are review copies and have a review or sample stamp in them but I’m sure that won’t bug you because, well, on account of the free books and all…)

If you’ve taken those couple of minutes to do this just because you love the blog – you’re awesome!  If you did it because you could win books – you’re awesome too.  If you didn’t then I think it’s time to scroll up a bit and click on that button.  I know that you know that you want to…

Pretty please.

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