I Don’t Know Why I Bother


This is not a word that is often used to describe me.  Unless someone uses it in a sentence that goes along the lines of, “Oh my word.  Check out that crazy lady that hasn’t brushed her hair in days.  Over there with the village of children following her – she seems to have gotten organised chaos down to an art.”  And if I had overheard them, I’d smile and say, “Thanks, because I really haven’t brushed it in weeks.”

But seriously, I brushed my hair this morning and my kids were like, “Oh that’s what that funny looking thing with the spiky bits on it is for.”

Oh man, I can’t even keep this post organised.  So let’s refocus.


It’s something that I try desperately hard to be but end up failing miserably at.  I just can’t get it right.

But now I have decided that with the crazy, silly, busy season coming up, I cannot afford to be disorganised.  There are so many things happening (mostly for my kids) and I don’t want to be that Mom that doesn’t arrive on time and whose forgotten everything on the to bring list, that’s if I even remember to make it at all…

So I have gotten my calendar on my phone working like a well oiled machine.  Every single social event is now lurking in my calendar, ready to pop up at a couple days notice to remind me to be organised.  And for the most part it’s working.

Except in the morning…

Seth did this funny little Bitstrip (if you haven’t checked this app out yet it can be rather fun – an awesome procrastination tool for sure – for iPhone and Android).  It perfectly describes me in the morning and also how much Seth really does dig me.

Extra sleep

I’ve decided that despite the fact that I don’t necessarily need to be in the office earlier, I want to be there to support our admin team and to get more work done during the day.  There is, however one thing that gets in the way.  Or rather, two little things…

From the moment Kyla and Riya wake up it seems that they are hellbent on trying to destroy all of my well laid out plans of being a more present boss lady.  And I guess that’s just how it goes when you have little people relying on you, but I don’t know where to draw the line on making sure we are all done and ready to leave the house on time every day.

Those with children, how on Earth do you get yourself done while simultaneously getting two kids done too?

Do you let them do it all themselves?  I’m honestly scared of this option.  Not really because I don’t want them to grow up (although I guess that does factor a bit) but more because I am terrified of the carnage that would follow them making their own breakfast or brushing their own teeth.  And plus also, trying to get them to do anything themselves has resulted in huge (time consuming) meltdowns which does not aid the leaving on time process.

Do you use star charts (or the like) to stimulate adherence (and co-ordination) to the “letting them do it themselves” thing?

Do you just give up and wake up at the sparrows fart to do everything for them?  Um, see picture above.  But also the earlier I get up ,then the earlier they get up and when Knox is up it’s pretty much impossible to do anything so I might as well have just stayed in bed.

You see, I know I’m not the first parent that is attempting to be early to work.  I know it.  So parents of cyberspace share your wisdom and insight with me.  How do you do it?

14 thoughts on “I Don’t Know Why I Bother

  1. Hey, I know how you feel, I get up at 5am and get myself done (Dressed and makeup) then I wake my kids up (I try and wake them up one by one but that doesnt always work.) I get Kiara (7yrs) done 1st then Meika (3yrs) and then Phoebe (1yrs). Then by 6h15 I make them their porridge and while the eating I pack the bags. Once they have eaten we do the bathroom “brigade” (wash faces and brush teeth) then I leave by 6h45. Drop the 2 little ones at creche, the older one at school and off to work I go. I normally get to work between 8 and 8h10.

      • I think I have gone into Robot mode, I know it needs to be done so I do it. My evenings are just as busy. I leave work at 16h00, go straight through to fetch my kids, get home, make supper, bath them, feed them, do homework and put them to bed, then I make the lunches and bottles etc get myself done and then I go to bed, normally around 10ish. Despite being constantly exhausted (and sometimes I really do feel like I could pass out standing up or pull my hair out) I would not change it for anything, I have 3 Gorgeous little girls and they are my world.

  2. I get up early and threaten anyone who looks like they may wake the toddler before he absolutely has to be up.

    Basically I try get up before Jack, the big kids seem to have a nice routine going now, pack lunches, get his breakfast done and get changed. If he is woken up it is usually very traumatic for everyone and I quickly change him before he is even out of bed. Most mornings he eats well but on the “bad” mornings he gets a toasted sandwich that we can take in the car 🙂

    I do some mornings, have to let him just lie on the floor and whinge while I do things but if I don’t then I have 3 kids late for school and it’s chaos!

  3. Oh heavens, I have to be organized or nothing will get done, But seriously, what works very well is to let them lay out their clothes for the next day the night before (I check the weather and advise accordingly) and dress themselves and make their beds. I check school things but they need to brush their own teeth. They also have to feed the dogs but I check that one

  4. After bath time, I dress mine in whatever she’ll be wearing the next day already. She’s in creche, and I get no lip about wrinkled clothes at this point – obviously this will have to be revisited once she hits primary school. I get up somewhere between 4 and 5 and do whatever I need to do to get myself going. At 6 I wake her and leave her to get in touch with her inner morning person for a few minutes. Brush teeth, wash face, brush hair – and off we go. She eats breakfast at school now, but that will probably change in a year or so too.

    • We used to let them sleep in what they wear to school – I don’t why that stopped! Definitely bringing that back tonight. Thanks so much for your comment!

  5. I’m also a morning sloth, so here some ideas:
    1. Do what you can the day before. Pack lunches, get them to pick their clothes, put everything out so you can just grab and run.
    2. Get help. It takes 3 of us at various stages to get ourselves and the 3 kids out the door.
    3. Choose easy options for breakfast so they can eat and not mess, otherwise embrace the mess, I did in the end, it’s worth it as our lot now help themselves merrily.
    4. Don’t get upset, it’s counterproductive. This was the hardest lesson I ever had to learn!

  6. I got our morning routine down pat. They choose their clothes the night before. I get up first and sort myself out. Then I wake them up with singing, banging, threatening. They know they have to walk through to my room WITH their clothes, I put the TV on and they dress themselves while I lay out the yoghurt and fruit and pack my lunch (they get real breakfast and lunch at school). One pees while I brush the other’s teeth, wipe face and lotion them up. Then that kid pees and I brush the other one’s teeth. I brush Hannah’s hair while they eat their morning snack. And we’re off for the day!

  7. Granted I only have one boy to see to, but I swear he is the equivalent to having 5. He is four years old and I have him do everything himself. Dress, brush teeth, wash face and moisturise 🙂 Luckily he eats at creche so I skip the breakfast bit.
    I have to beg him to wake up cos he’s quite a deep sleeper (like his mum). So I will wake him when I get up and he usually snores for about 20 min more. I will then play his favourite song for him so that he wakes up with a smile. Note: this does not work every morning, but 7 out of 10 times. Its a struggle I tell u but I love my seth to bits.
    Good luck!

  8. Oh gosh you ladies all getting up so early…Im ashamed to say what time I rise! My eldest wears a uniform, so we dont need to pick clothes. But I make sure its all ready on a hanger. Lunch, I TRY to get done tyhe night before. Cereal also gets put ina bowl and cling wrapped so all i need to do is add milk and heat up.

    But Knox is a bit like my 2yr old..attached to my hip. Gets up with me and just doesnt budge. She stays with the nanny so its only my son and myself I need to attend to…but how with a 2 year old glued to me? Somehow I just doooo…….

    Soon I’ll be coming back to ask you for extra tips. Next year, Ill have a kid in school, a toddler in creche and a newborn, oh happy times ahead!

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