An Honest Day

It’s here…

Can you feel it?  With the start of November also comes the start of “real” Summer in Cape Town.  The kids went to school this morning with shorts (although they had warm tops on because they are ALL coughing and keeping us all awake all night).  I still can’t believe Summer is finally here and I can’t wait to spend every day outside soaking up every bit of sun that I can – with sun block on of course.

We kicked off the month of November with #nofilterday and if you weren’t watching Instagram and Twitter with bated breath, you might have missed it.  No, who am I kidding.  #nofilterday was trending on Twitter by like 9am, so it was pretty much impossible to miss.

I had a busy work day and then went home to very busy children that were also starting their latest round of sickness and so posting pictures and tweeting a million different things kind of took a backseat.  But also now that the day was actually here, I found that I am normally quite honest with the things that I share and I very rarely sugar coat it.  Which made it harder to find things to post that I wouldn’t normally share.

So, for me, the day was quite enlightening, because it really made me realise that despite the hard times that parenting can throw at you and how difficult it is to keep a house in shape with kids and dogs, I really love the space that I am in.  Yes, I need to dye my hair, getting ready in the morning will probably never ever get easier, there is never enough time in the day and and and, but I’m really enjoying life right now.  And if that’s all that #nofilterday did for you then I think we are winning.

But in case you missed it, here are some of the pictures and things that I shared during the day…

If Knox is awake while I’m getting ready in the mornings it is pretty much impossible to do anything.  He constantly wants to be held and if I put him down even for 5 seconds, this is the response that I get.  Sometimes it feels like I am fighting a loosing battle and that I will never be able to get dressed like a normal person (i.e. with both hands and not shouting at anybody).  But then I realised (after watching Kyla and Riya play together so nicely – without my input – on Sunday afternoon) this time is fleeting and very soon he will be running around with them, wanting nothing to do with me.


It takes all this make up and a small army that I couldn’t capture on camera, to get me looking human in the morning.  The other day my foundation smashed on the floor and I actually cried.  I spent 20 minutes scraping as much as I could off the floor and removing all the small shards of glass because I just couldn’t face the world without it covering my face.  It sucks that I feel like I can’t leave the house without it.  But even with a million people telling me I look OK without it, I honestly would still not leave without it on.  IMG_20131101_075406

Got in to work after a very tiring morning of getting the girls ready for school (it takes forever- seriously, forever!) only to find that there was no coffee…  I don’t even have words about how upsetting this was for me.IMG_20131101_084156

My Princess who loved the glitter glue so much that she insisted on covering her hands with it.  I couldn’t even get mad, because glitter is awesome yo!IMG_20131101_150402

Glitter is so awesome that Riya painted it onto her lips and pulled a duck face to inspect it.  This girl and her faces are just hilarious!IMG_20131101_173044

Now I’m off to clean my house.  Our amazing domestic has taken a very rare day off, which is perfect because I left the house in an absolute mess yesterday.  That will teach me to stop being a loser and clean up after myself.

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