To My Knox On Your First Birthday

* Before I begin – today is #nofilterday, if you’re feeling down about life and thinking that you are not managing everything as well as other Mom’s out there – let me make you feel better about yourself – check out my Instagrams and Tweets for a real day in the life of the Alfino’s.  And also, this post to my boy is a over a month late. *

To my dearest, sweetest Knoxy

I know that right now you don’t care that I am writing this letter to you over a month too late and actually you probably don’t even care that it was your birthday at all this year.  But I must start out with saying sorry to you because I hate that I couldn’t post this off to you on your special day – you see we had a lot of very hectic things happen this year right around our birthday and unfortunately a lot of them involved me being totally internetless.  So my baby, I am sorry that this is so late, but be assured that I do not love you any less – not even close.

I don’t even know where to start writing to you my Knoxy Noo.  You see it feels like just yesterday I was booked in to induce you into this world.  We just couldn’t wait to meet you and took the opportunity of it being my birthday to try and get you to join me on making the 25th of September even more special to me than ever before.  Thankfully you decided it was a good idea too and joined us that wonderful day – our lives haven’t been the same since.

12 months

11 months

10 months

9 months

We love getting to know who you are a little bit more every day, as you are learning how to work your body and communicate with us.  One of your most favourite things that you love to do is make people laugh – doing all your tricks for anyone who is watching or shouting at those that aren’t to get their attention.  Despite your amazing enthusiasm in those tasks, you do not like to walk or even stand and would prefer to crawl around or be carried to wherever you would like to go.  We always joke that you are being lazy, but I know that you are just giving me time to enjoy this phase a little bit more before it fades away and you are running all over the house causing chaos.

8 months

7 months

6 months

5 months

My precious boy, watching you grow over this year has been amazing.  You are now a strong, well rounded little man even though you were so very tiny just a few months ago.  You look exactly like your Daddy and he couldn’t be prouder to parade you around everyone to prove it.  Just looking at your pictures of how you’ve grown and changed to much every month really brings tears to my eyes.

4 months

3 months

2 Months

You are the boy that I always dreamed of having – somehow when I pictured myself as a Mom, I always thought that I would have a boy.  You have exceeded any of my expectations and taught me a whole lot more about myself as a person, but also as a mother.  Your sweet, complacent nature is so lovable but often deceiving, although you are often happy go lucky, if you want something then you must have it or there will be a price to pay!

1 Month


I love the way you cuddle into my chest when I am putting you to sleep at night, I love that you love to dance, I love that you get so excited to see me, I love that (when you wake up at night and join us in our bed) your little hand finds mine before you pass out, I love listening to your soft sleeping breathing, I love your tricks that you do, I love that you give me cuddles and kisses almost always and I love that you are mine to love and cherish for the rest of my days.

And now repeat after me – “And you will stay by your Mommy, for the rest of your life”.

I love you so much my sweetest Knox.  Forever and ever.

3 thoughts on “To My Knox On Your First Birthday

  1. Cindy you have brought me to tears right now! I truely and honestly love this post. I love that you have written to your baby Knox in this way. I know that he will love it too when he is old enough to read and understand what mommy has written for him. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

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