Sometimes Promises Are Hard To Keep

I keep making this specific promise to my girls.

Over and over again.  Then getting so mad with myself that I couldn’t keep it.  Even though I had every intention of fulfilling my promise, I just couldn’t ever get around to doing it despite all my good intentions.  There were very specific things that got in the way like the weather, the lack of time, that they’d just had a bath and so couldn’t go out in the cold, that they were sick, that they weren’t listening to me AT ALL and so didn’t deserve to enjoy the fruits of the promise.

I suppose it’s important to say that the promise was just to go to the park that is now just down the road from the new house.  Somehow, now that the park was the closest it’s ever been to us I just couldn’t get us there.

But then one day Seth came home earlier than expected, they weren’t sick AND the weather was perfect.  So we finally got our butts down to the park and it was so awesome to just chill together.  It’s incredible to watch the difference in them since the last time I took them to the park – this time Kyla could swing herself, only needing me to push her a couple of times to get her started.  They can both climb to the top of the jungle gym with no fear and no help.  And that right there is one of the many reasons that going to school is so good for them.  I often do not have the sense to just step back and let them try it by themselves – I always feel the need to be right there to help them.  So they never really get a chance to go out and do it on their own.  Independent.  That’s definitely something that I want the kids to be – but at the moment I know that I am not always helping them get there.

But anyways, we had so much fun!

And these cheeks.  They are just freaking edible!








Then Kyla got hold of the camera…  Man this girl has a definite future in this…



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