Summer Is Here – The Love, The Wish And The Wardrobe

Can you feel that glorious South African sun creeping into your windows and warming up those toes?

I don’t know about you, but Summer is starting to emerge around here and I cannot be happier to see chubby little baby arms and legs warming up in the sun.  There really is something so sweet about Summer and ditching all those heavy layers and just being able to throw on a dress and have some fun in the sun.  And something even sweeter about seeing my kids running around without worrying about putting on shoes and keeping warm and nagging to get dressed.

Getting the girls dressed in Winter was always a mission – especially considering how fussy they are about what they wear.  But thankfully, for now, that is a thing of the past and soon I will be able to stuff all the jackets and warm tops into the back of the cupboard where they belong.

Part of the moving process was going through all of the girls clothes and checking how much they would even be able to fit into this Summer.  But I’m pretty sure that almost nothing is going to fit them, and even though I love to see them growing, I’m not sure that I love everyone else being able to see their little tummies sticking out of their tops.  So I’ve been keeping a watchful eye on Sticky Fudge and what they’ll have on offer for Summer and they have most definitely not disappointed!  Here are some of my most favourite items for this Summer from their Mid Summer and High Summer collections.  (I think Mid Summer is already available online but High Summer is due out shortly).







And let’s not forget how gorgeous Knox would look in these.  I can just imagine those lovely round baby legs in those jeans and finally (and probably weirdly enough) being able to see those chubby arms in those T-Shirts!








This post is not actually sponsored by Sticky Fudge, I just can’t help myself on keeping an eye on their gorgeous goods after seeing Riya in them.

2 thoughts on “Summer Is Here – The Love, The Wish And The Wardrobe

  1. Gorgeous, Classy. Unfortunately my daughter is too much of a tomboy and would ruin these gorgeous outfits in a blink of an eye… in keeping with that theme, bright bold colours are best to be able to see her anywhere all the time! LOL

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