We Have Internet… And A Winner

I have briefly surfaced into the land of the living to announce the Antique Fusion winner…  And just so you know, it’s not me – as tempted as I was to rig it!

But before I tell you who won, let’s create a little suspense.

We recently moved houses which is why it has been so exceptionally quiet over here.  We are still experiencing “internetlessness” and I am feeling chronically out of the loop – a serious case of FOMO in what’s going on in my little corner of the world/internet/news/life.  But the good news is that we will eventually be back online (and boy do I have a lot to tell you).  The main thing that I will eventually share properly with you is that we went from this…

2013-09-30 11.45.19

To a room that just echoed when we spoke.  Absolutely not one single item was left in the house that I have spent the last 26 years in.  In just two days everything was loaded up into trucks and cars and moved in the new place.  It’s quite surreal to watch your entire life being lifted up and placed on a truck.

And I just want to publicly state (in Riya’s most favourite words) that I never ever want to move, ever again.  Like never ever.  Ever ever.  Never ever again.

I actually came into work today for a break.  

In all honesty, lots of the move went so right (like all the really big things – like getting our stuff there) but so much went so wrong, like dogs having seizures, Knox in the emergency room and then the same dog running smack bang right into the sliding door in the new house cracking it from top to toe…  But all of those are real memory stories, for another day – when I can find to the humour to look back at them and laugh.

But we are there and we are settling.  Slowly.  And as soon as we have some boxes cleared, I’ll share some of the awesome bits of the new house.

Now enough about me.  Let’s focus on you.  Because that’s what we have these giveaways for – you!  And let me be the first to congratulate you Lisa Brand, you were lucky number 14 according to random.org and now also the winner of the beautiful knot ring from Antique Fusion!

ahh wow i LOVE their jewellery! :)
my fave is the antler and the swift bird pendants*
hehe i hope i win this ring!!

I hope that you get much joy from adding this gorgeous ring to your collection!  Thank you again to Antique Fusion for being so fabulous in joining with us on this giveaway!  And for those that didn’t win, keep an eye out, we may just have another awesome giveaway up for grabs soon.  But in the meantime you should treat yourself to your favourite piece at Antique Fusion – I know I’m going to!

(I’m not sure when I’ll make it back online, but until then, keep it real yo.)

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