Happy 10 Year Anniversary – From The Woman You Shouldn’t Have Married

Today marks 10 years that Seth and I have been together.  Granted we were not married this whole time, but I think that those dating years are important and not to be underestimated – it’s the time that he could have used to realise that I’m not perfect for him and moved on.


You see, I read this post the other day and it resonated with me so much.  I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

I’m not the perfect wife.  I leave dishes in the sink un-rinsed, I leave a table with formula residue on it, I like wearing old, mismatched work out clothing to wander the house in, my body has seen the effects of bearing 3 children, my face without make up is shocking and I often forget things – apparently quite important things – just to name but a few.  I am definitely not what Hollywood (or anyone) would deem to be the perfect role model wife/mother.

But despite that, and the fact that Seth doesn’t like bacon, we have made it to today.  10 years later.  10 years after the words “Do you want to go out with me?” were said in the dark on the steps outside church, after the evening service (more on that story here).

I’m not going to lie…  Relationships and marriage are no joke.  It’s hard work.  Filled with ups and downs and getting it right sometimes but even more often getting it wrong.  It’s filled with happiness, friendship, arguments, fun, hard decisions, stubbornness, memories and so much more.  I am so glad that we chose each other and no matter how hard it can be, that we have committed to making it work out – no matter what.

Maybe the nervous/excited butterflies that awoke with just the brush of his hand over mine have settled a little.  Maybe the heart fluttering moments of waiting for him to pick me up to go on a date have quietened a bit.  Maybe the warm flush of deep red to my cheeks when he catches me staring at him from across the room have (thankfully) stopped.  But it has been replaced with a giddy happiness when I watch him play with the kids.  Replaced with a huge peace that I can rely on him for anything and everything.  Replaced knowing that he is mine and I am his, no more “what if’s” that could steal him away from me.

Those first months of stars in my eyes, rose coloured glasses and often superficial love has been replaced with a firm, deep and definite love for this man.  One that is so deeply set in me that I would never trade it for any or all of those “exciting” first moments – as lovely and wonderful as they are.

So thank you Seth, for loving me all these years.

And just by the way…  I love you too.

5 thoughts on “Happy 10 Year Anniversary – From The Woman You Shouldn’t Have Married

  1. WoW! How really special! Match made in Heaven… literally !!! You are already a great Wife & Parent by setting such a fantastic example for your children & your family & friends.

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