Sometimes You Stumble Upon Greatness By Accident

Everyday I sit with my kids in the afternoon and try and establish what they did that day.  Sometimes it’s easy and they just tell me exactly what happened, but sometimes it’s like trying to have a good nights sleep when you are a parent to tiny humans – totally impossible.  However there are often times when trying to have conversations with my kids has become absolutely hilarious.

It’s finally become less about me trying to decipher what they are saying through their gorgeous jumbled words and unique pronunciations of words and more about me laughing at the unexpected originality and plain adorableness.

The other day I walked into my bedroom after our amazing, wonderful, “I can’t live without her” house fairy had been and instead of finding beauty I saw chaos and a very seriously destroyed room.  I looked at Kyla, waiting for her to explain herself.  She looked up at me and without skipping a beat she said, “I’m doing something cool Mom.  I’m doing something cool.”

Just Riya telling me that she is making me some “wice” with “cocolate” and “strawbellies” for me to take for a picnic at the “li-ba-lie” has me wanting to sweep her up and cuddle the cuteness out of her.

I stumbled on these conversations with a 2 year old the other day and I find it hilarious that the two year old is played by a fully grown man.  If you have a chance to check it out you totally should.  Every situation they take about I have personally experienced – especially episode 7 – that is my morning – EVERY MORNING!!!


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