Oh Hello Monday

I know that on Monday’s we all feel like doing this…

2013-09-11 16.29.47

But I’m here to tell you that instead of doing that, you should go and enter the Oh So Cute giveaway and in the spirit of friendship and stuff, you should tell your friends to enter too.  A giveaway with only commenting to enter is basically getting it for free you know.  Also, you can totally enter and give it to me if you win – just saying. 🙂

This weekend has been a whirlwind of teething but no teeth (for Knox and me – flipping wisdom teeth), swollen hands, early mornings, tantrums, cabin fever, baking and a little bit of packing.  On the bright side though we got our DSTV working, so at least we have that good old faithful parenting tool to fall back on when we just can’t carry on anymore.

I tried to start a new game of “everyone sit in different rooms all alone and see who can be the quietest for the longest” but they weren’t buying it.  I would have totally won though.  Cos I’m just gifted like that.

Hope that your weekend was a lot less hectic than ours.


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