WIN With Oh So Cute – I Wish I Had One (Or ALL) Of These!

Who has two thumbs and something to give away?

*points thumbs at herself*

This girl does.

Man I love that joke.  I’ve been saying it all morning while I was getting the kids ready for school…  “Who has two thumbs and is making your breakfast?”…  “Who has two thumbs and is getting mad that you don’t want to eat your cereal?”…   “Who has two thumbs and is going to try not to scream while she cleans up cereal off the floor?”…  “Who has two thumbs and is going slightly crazy and wondering where the heck the coffee is?”…  And although my kids don’t get it yet, I’m hoping that my geeky sense of humour will eventually rub off on them.  Or that they will just eat their cereal without destroying the kitchen – I will settle for that.

That is a small glimpse into the feeding routine now, but there were days when it is was simpler.  Well with Knox anyway (the only one who actually breastfed properly from the beginning).  We used to go and have our little quiet time where he would feed and I would “rest” and we would just have a moment.  Unless we were in public and it was feeding time, in which case I would stress about anyone seeing anything that they shouldn’t.

Having one of these Nursing Aprons would really have helped me during those times.  And let’s be honest, these gorgeous bibs and ponchos would be awesome right now.

So to giveaway today we have “1 Hush Hush Nursing Apron”, “1 Busy Bib” and “1 Perky Poncho” to give to you lovely Moms/Dads/Grandparents out there, thanks to Oh So Cute.  1 item for each phase of toddler life – so something for each of each and everyone of you gorgeous people out there doing a great job with your tots.

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Let’s talk about the first (and arguably the most important) phase of feeding.  The Hush Hush Nursing Apron is the elegant and convenient solution to breastfeeding discreetly with a direct view of baby.

Available in a beautiful range of colours and patterns

• Bowed neckline to keep fabric away from baby’s face and allow eye contact
• Soft, lightweight, breathable 100% cotton fabric
• Easy adjustable strap for best fit
• Lined with a plain fabric that does not distract or over stimulate a baby
• Reversible
• Machine washable

oh so cute

The next phase of baby lead weaning or just feeding them purity from the jar often ends in a total mess.  The Busy Bib is an awesome solution for that – I may even consider bathing the kids before they eat now!  Available in 4 months to 1 year, 1-2 years, 2-3 years and 3-4years and various colours.

The Busy Bib is fully waterproof and long-sleeved with an adjustable neck closure so most areas are covered, which means your little one will stay cute and clean.  It is made from a quick-drying fabric that is soft, lightweight and breathable so it can be worn in any weather with comfort.  The Busy Bib is also wipe clean so it doesn’t need to go in the wash after every meal.

The Busy Bib is great used as an art smock.  For when your little one gets creative it will keep clothes clean and dry from paint, glue and other crafty materials.  It can even be used for being creative in the kitchen when baking and cooking.  Read here for messy play information and ideas.

  • soft, lightweight, breathable fabric
  • lead, BPA, PHALATE,  Vinyl & PVC Free
  • assorted colours available in four sizes from 4 months to 4 years

oh so cute1

Now more than ever with this Cape Town rain, I have become aware of how important it is to have a great raincoat – even if it is just to go puddle jumping in!  The Perky Poncho is an awesome solution for this.  Available from 1 year, from 2 years and from 3 years.

For those times when your toddler needs to dash out in the rain the Perky Poncho slips easily over the head with no arms, zips or buttons to struggle with. It is fully waterproof, looks very cute and is lightweight enough to fold up small in your bag.

  • Machine washable
  • Easy on easy off
  • Soft, lightweight, breathable fabric
  • Lead, BPA, phthalate, Vinyl & PVC free 

oh so cute2

Go on and check out (and like) their Facebook page for info on the products and for more specials or sales that they may have in the future.  Also, if you head on over to your right and like our Facebook page you will be able to be kept up to date with any more giveaways that we may have in this space (believe me – you won’t be disappointed).

So there will be 3 WINNERS.  To enter this giveaway please comment below and tell me which prize you would most like to have and why.  It won’t make a real difference to who wins because takes care of that for me, but I’d like to know.

Entries are only available to people residing in SA and entries close on Tuesday the 17th.

21 thoughts on “WIN With Oh So Cute – I Wish I Had One (Or ALL) Of These!

  1. I love these prizes! I soooo wish i had THE HUSH HUSH NURSING APRON 18months ago when my baby Zion was born, it is so stylish! I would be breastfeeding everywhere just to show off that beautiful nursing apron. Now that my little one is exploring and playing like crazy, i think the BUSY BIB will be a perfect prize to win for him. That way he can paint and create little art works, without me having to worry about him spoiling his clothes.

  2. I would love to win the poncho. I got a very busy boy who will even take any chance to dash out in the rain. He doesnt wait for the weather man, he just goes. This would be a awesome win and he would look so cute in it, i would play dress up and take tons of photos i can even use it as a prop for a little red ridding hood photo shoot.

  3. The busy bib would be such a blessing right now! While it won’t necessary keep the cereal (and vegetables and anything else that’s edible) off our floor, it will keep it off our very busy 15-month-old – and I’ll settle for that!

  4. I’d love to win the busy bib. Adam celebrated his half birthday today and I think that a prize like that would be the perfect way to celebrate with my BUSY.. messy, wild… BOY

  5. I would love to win the Poncho for my little Lorelai – i can promise you that she will never take it off!

  6. Amazing prizes but I would have to go with the Poncho for my big boy Daniel, it is perfect for weather here by us now as it is our rainy season 🙂

  7. Hiya, i could do with either the bib but more so the poncho, we are moving into our rainy season at the speed of light and my little pookie (who has to go outside or he climbs the walls) could really do with some rainwear.

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