So much to do – so little time.  This month is crazy busy, like full on cray cray.  We’ve already started with the parties and the packing, but there are still so many celebrations and moving to come.  Every time I think about it all my head starts screaming at me.  So I’ve stopped thinking about it.  Seems like the right thing to do.  So in light of all the many BIG things going on, here are some more of the little things that are going on.

Listening to:  I wish I could say that I am listening to something new.  But the truth is that I haven’t bought any new music in forever and I’m getting tired of listening to the same thing over and over.  The only time I get to listen to “new” music is when DJ’s on the radio are feeling generous.  Although KFM played Gangs Of Ballet the other morning and I really liked it, so that may be my next CD purchase?

Feeling thankful for:  So much actually. Even though things are flipping crazy right now, it means that we are on to bigger and better things.  It means that we are spending time celebrating life with friends and family and it means that we have the means and the ability to do it all.  That right there is huge and so often we take it for granted.


Thinking about:  How soon till my kids start climbing up the boxes and hanging on the ceiling fan?  Also, how to pack things away, without packing away things that I actually need.  In all the 23 boxes that I have packed recently, I always thought, “Oh this is safe to pack away cos we won’t need it before we move.”  But it turns out that this statement is so false.  So very false.  I am wondering if it might be better just to leave it all till 2 days before and then just throw things into boxes or directly onto the truck.

Watching:  We still don’t have DSTV – or any TV actually.  Since my last currently post the damn thing just blew up altogether.  So we’ve been watching other random series, of which NEW GIRL is definitely winning.  Oh my word, this could possibly be my most favourite show ever – like Friends it just has that thing about it where you can watch the same episode over and over again and not get bored.  Schmidt is just the best thing ever.  I love him.

In case you haven’t witnessed the awesome, I got you some of the “best of Schmidt” that Youtube has on offer.  The first video is short and gives you an nice little intro, the second is for the real fans (that have a bit of time to kill).

Bummed out on:  It’s almost Knox and my birthday and it just sucks that we aren’t really celebrating it with a proper party.  Plus I think I just get way to bummed out before a birthday – turning 27 is kind of freaking me out a bit and I’m not entirely sure why.  But this isn’t unusual, it seems that every year I get too self reflective and emo at this time – anyone else have this problem?

Loving:  That I could nap (even for 30 minutes) on Saturday (a rare occasion) and when I woke up in stressing that I hadn’t fed the girls before passing out, I went to the kitchen to find that the kids were fed and happily drawing away.  So let the record state that my man is amazing.  Really.

4 thoughts on “Currently

  1. I love my birthday – it never bums me out! All Knox needs is a cake – the advantage of having many kids 🙂

    Moving house is a lot of work especially with the kidlets in tow!

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