We Went To Alice’s “One-derland” Party

Goodness, this weekend totally owned me.  For reals.  I am more exhausted now than I was before it started.  We have been very busy making sure that our kids get to all their various social engagements.  They still have a far more interesting social life than I do.

Anyway, do you remember these new born days, of having a tiny little Knox playing with a tiny little Alice?  Well those days are long since over!  Alice just turned ONE!  Our babies are not such babies any more and time really is going far to quickly – no matter how overused that statement is in these situations, it doesn’t make it any less true.

When Jules told me that she was going to be throwing Alice a “One”derland party I almost choked on my coffee.  What an awesome theme!  When we think of themes, we come up with pink.  Or butterflies.  Or when we’re feeling really creative all we get is mermaids.  Trust Julia to think of such a cool theme for her bubs first birthday.


Julia is also really talented at putting things together to make them look awesome.  We walked in to find a gorgeous tea party all set out and ready for all the little girls and boys to sit down for some tea.  What was also super cute is that it was kind of a throwback to the Beatrix Potter baby shower that we threw for her when baby Alice was still doing her time in lock up.








The girls had so much fun playing with their friends – and so did we (although our version of playing is catching up over a cup of coffee and a lekker samoosa).  It really is a blessing when your friends have kids around the same age as yours, then not only are the kids genuine friends, but you get to keep up with your own friends too.  Special time that there just never seems to be enough of.










Unfortunately my camera died mid-party and so I didn’t get the best part – the cake blowing out.  It was a really special day celebrating a very special little girl.  Thanks Jules and Kim!  I’m going to be spending the next couple of days trying to figure out a new name for “baby Alice” – because that doesn’t really do justice to a ONE year old anymore.

2 thoughts on “We Went To Alice’s “One-derland” Party

  1. Beautiful pics Cindy. Thanks so much for the gorgeous post. Little Alice had such a wonderful time with her friends. If you have more pics, please send them my way. I took next to no pics on the day.

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