Little Rays Of Sunshine

Do you know that it apparently snows on Table Mountain once every 10 years or so?  I was seriously not aware that had ever snowed on Table Mountain, and so even more surprised that it should have snowed at least 2 and a half times in my lifetime already.  It just seems crazy that right there on that mountain is snow.  In Cape Town.

I actually wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t so flipping cold down here.  Man I mean it – it is really freezing.  At night we have every single heater going in our house and I am shocked at the minimal difference it makes.  I’m hoping that the new house will be more “airtight” and actually heat up a bit more than this one.  Oh and that we will have less power failures – we had 3 in the past month alone!

Anyway, on Sunday we had a few moments of sunshine and so we ran outside to play.  The girls were playing hide and seek and “catch you, catch you” and I made the mistake of sitting on the warm grass to watch them.  Let me tell you that although the sun entices you into this false sense of warmth, it’s not real.  Right under that “warm” patch of grass was a wet puddle – which I found out when I wondered why my butt felts so cold.

Luckily the girls had an absolute ball and got to run off some of their intense cabin fever that they have been having lately.  It’s been a really hard week – sleep seems to be a non issue for these kids.  It’s a vicious circle, this sleep thing.  The less they sleep, the more tantrums we all have to endure, the later they go to sleep (because they decide to have them at bedtime) and so they never catch up on the sleep.  I really need to work something out there.

But that’s what I signed up for when we decided to do this parenting thing.  And before you know it, it will be over.  Just like these moments in the sun.  Kyla really is owning this jump for the photo thing – how gorgeous is she!!






And just in case you’re wondering – that dress is from Naartjie, stocking and boots from Woolies.


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