An ‘Insta’nt Wrap Up…

Sort of like my currently post a while back, there’s a lot going on. 

But when I do have a chance to take a picture it seems to be going straight onto Instagram and not into my computer like it used to.  So I thought I would do a bit of an “‘Insta’nt Wrap Up”.  Get it?  A wrap up in an instant…  Instagram…  Play on words.  I’m a genius.  No I’m not, but I like to pretend sometimes.


Now that I have an awesome new phone, my poor old baby number 4 just doesn’t get taken out anymore.  The husband also has Instagram (you may have spotted his pictures floating around on your right).  And plus also, the phone is generally more accessible for capturing the random moments of our life together than lugging out the massive camera (that seriously needs a service).  And you know, maybe you’ll spot some pretty coffee foam and healthy lunch pictures too – because what kind of a hipster would I be if I didn’t.

Anyway, I thought about doing a weekly wrap up on life based on the latest Instagrams, because, unless you have a functioning phone with this app, you can’t actually view the photos and I think they are pretty good at showing the randomness of our lives together.  And besides, it’s a nice way to wrap up the week talking about the little things that would not normally make the headlines or their very own blog post.


This ring right here…  This is the first ring that Seth ever gave me almost 10 years ago…  I found it while packing up that “random drawer of crap” that one tends to have.  Except that this is definitely not crap.  Can you believe that on 21 September, Seth and I have officially been together for 10 years?!  I’m still trying to process it – it’s starting to border along the lines of us spending more time together than we ever have apart.  And that, while being pretty awesome, is also quite scary.


While this may not be our fireplace, (our version of fireplace is our gas heater) it nicely warms up Seth’s parents house when we stay for supper some evenings.  But the good news is that our new house has a fireplace.  And let me tell you that if it’s still raining around the first week of October it’s because the Lord is answering our prayers about having cold evening for us to use our new fireplace.


When it’s raining and cold in Cape Town we make pink flap jacks.  I was going to make the rainbow option that we made but it didn’t feel quite right because it was still raining.  Somehow pink flap jacks are just so much more awesome than normal ones.  Especially for 2 little girls who have been demanding them again ever since.


We like to subject our bodies to more than it can handle on a regular basis.  Like our Circus expedition for example.  But no one likes to do this more than Seth, who decided to form a family Christmas tree out of bodies.  Luckily the kids seemed to enjoy it this time.

(If you’re a blogger and you’ve been struggling to find something to inspire you to write about, what about joining me?  Feel free to grab the logo at the top and then comment with a link to your post – I’d love to read it.)

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