Those Little Moments

One of my new favourite things to do after I’ve cuddled Knox to sleep and put him down for his afternoon nap, is to make myself a lovely cup of coffee and silently sneak up on the girls and listen to them play together.  It’s the best kind of free entertainment there is.  Especially now that they play so nicely together and use so many new, interesting and often made up words.


Scenario: We are sitting around the dining room table and I am preparing them for the fact that we were going to take them to their Ga’s house on a Saturday.  Not that they need to be prepared to go – because they will jump at any chance to be there, but I like to think that they may just miss me a bit.  And also, add in there somewhere that we’ve had a couple of conversations about only being able to have babies once they are married.

Me: “So girls, tomorrow Mommy and Daddy are going to take you to Ga’s house tomorrow because we are going to go to a wedding.”

Kyla: *Gasps loudly and smacks her hands on the table* “You going to have another BABY?!”

(Her absolute shock was priceless)


Scenario: Kyla is waiving a broomstick around like she thinks she is a cleaning pop star.  I’d given her a warning already about being far too close to Knox and if she hurts him there will be trouble.

*Kyla misses Knox’s head by millimetres, she looks up at me with slight panic and relief in her eyes* – “Oooof, dat was close”.


Scenario: Riya is curled up in bed, wanting to go to sleep.  Kyla is trying not to sleep with all her might, talking to me about everything under the sun.

Riya: “Stop talking, me tryingna sleep!”

Kyla: “And Mamma, you see me do dat?  You see me?”

Riya: “Stop making da noising me tryingna sleep!!”


Scenario: My parents have 2 ipads.  How it happened that the grandparents have cooler gadgets than the parents is beyond me, but it is a huge draw card with the girls.  They always want Nana to bring her “puters” with her when she comes over.  There are so many different games on there it’s scary!

*Riya is trying to get Kyla’s attention about a cool new game that she found but Kyla is just not interested in looking*

Riya: “Kyla look at me.  Look at me!”

*Kyla still not looking at all*

Riya: “Kyla look at me wight now or me make you sit ona naughty chair!”


Scenario: We finally stopped Kyla having a bottle after her 4th birthday (OK, pick up your jaw off the floor and recover from your shock – are you ready to continue?  OK).  Ga struggles to say no to Kyla when she is persistent – and believe me she is very good at being persistent.

*Ga gives Kyla a bottle after Kyla crying for 30 minutes about how she doesn’t want to be a big girl*

Riya “Kyla, Mommy gona be mad dat you have da bottle.  Me tell Mommy dat you hava bottle”

*Both Kyla and Ga freak out at being caught*

This one may not be that funny, but I’m quite happy that Ri wants to tell me all the things that aren’t allowed, unless of course she is telling someone else about me.


Background: Colouring in is a big deal in our house.  A huge deal.  We set aside time every afternoon to have a colouring in sesh.  Kyla is flipping good at it, hardly ever goes outside the lines and uses all different colours.  Riya is getting there – she prefers to make houses out of the crayons.

2013-08-13 16.21.16  

Kyla: “Riya, do you like my pishure?”

Riya: “Wow, Ky-la, dats so boootiful”.

(My heart may have melted from the sincerity of the moment)


Random words that Kyla has – she calls a balloon a “tooloon”.

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