I’m “That” Mom…

Do you remember way back when you were at school and you had a civvies day or a “bring a monkey to school” day or a “wear your pants on your head cos we’re cool” day at school and there you were…  All kitted out with the nicest pair of clean pants, that your Mom washed and ironed in light of this very special day, sitting snuggly over your ears (and just to be clear you are still wearing another pair of pants where they are supposed to be too).  Then as you scanned the room, looking at all the different coloured pants people had on their heads, you noticed that there was one boy sitting in the corner with no pants on his head.  Or better yet, no pants on his body and pants on his head or even worse – his Dad’s gyms shorts on his head cos that’s all his parents could find in the car when they got to school that morning.  In your head you thought, “I’m never going to be that Mom that forgets to make my children look awesome for these super cool and slightly annoying functions that all schools seem to throw continuously.”

Or at least that’s what I thought.

On Friday I sent Kyla to school to enjoy her 80’s “boogie” themed day (which included a concert) with nothing but a side ponytail (that was already taken out by the time she arrived at her classroom door).  Nearly all her friends were totally rocked out with bandanas and leather jackets, frizzy hair and head bands.  But not our Kyla.  Unless you could count the colourful attire that included slightly bell-bottomed jeans – although that’s 70’s isn’t it?

I’m ashamed to say that this is not the first time that we were totally unprepared.  On “South African Day” they wore Naartjie clothes.  Cos, um that’s made here.  And the one top had a map of Africa on it.

And on “Takkie Day” they wore ballet shoes.  Because those are cooler than takkies anyway.

We managed to get it right once with the “what do you want to be when you’re older” day, although I am still struggling with the wanting to be bacon issue.

They should have a “princess day” though.  Then we would have that down to a crown and little glass slippers – we might even be able to pull off the Cinderella look and them in only one shoe because I think the dog may have gotten the other one.

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