A Little Reminder For You

Today I am sitting in the midst of 3 sick, moody children and I think that I am slowly losing the battle, in the fight against all the germs that are invading my body (in previously unimaginable manners).  Just last night I picked Knox up and he gave me the sweetest kiss – but unfortunately it involved copious amounts of spit entering my system.  Over share maybe, but they are sneaky little guys.  The germs and Knox that is.

Also I am recovering from watching Fast And The Furious 6 last night.  In this I also managed to put it off for as long as possible before I eventually gave in and subjected myself to witness the longest runway of all time as well as possibly the stupidest pilots of all time – thinking that all the weird things they were experiencing was indeed a way of telling them to lift off.  And that’s not even taking into account the most romantic “flying person catch” of all time.  Because – seriously?!  Seriously?!

But this is not why we are here today.

3 of us

I am here today as my last public service announcement to you that draw for the Kids Cove – Room to Love competition closes today (let’s say at 8pm) and the winner is announced tomorrow.  So hurry up and enter (if you are in Cape Town).  All you have to do is leave a comment.  Simple really.  And you know, even if you don’t win the first prize there may still be a little something, something in it for you. #justsaying  I thought I’d remind you because, like you I am Cape Townian and everything needs to happen at the last minute.

And while you are taking a virtual walk around the blog, why don’t you let me know what you think of the new look.  By the way this is what happens when you get fed up with having another comment about what you “should do” on the blog from your husband and then say in a heated moment, “well you should stop just saying what I should do and do it yourself”…

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