Where To Spend A Saturday – Alphen Hotel

It’s not often that we get to have a “free” Saturday – and by that I mean a Saturday where we are not obligated to chauffeur our children to their various exciting social prospects that they constantly have on offer (although thankfully their friends are our friends too, so it’s really not so bad).

Let’s just say that this Saturday is the first one that we have had in a while where we have the opportunity to just sit back, relax and take it all in – while packing some more boxes.  But it got me thinking about where we would go if we had the energy to want to go out and expend some of the kids energy and nearly all of our own along with it.

We went to lunch at the Alphen Hotel on Sunday to celebrate Ga and Aunty Romy’s birthday and it was amazing there.  These are just the pictures of the girls having fun in their ample grounds, the food and decor of the main party are enough for their own special post.  We are definitely going to be spending a few more afternoons there in the future.








Other than this new found spot, we have our go to places that we will revert to during sunny weather – like Noordhoek Beach, or Green Point Park, or Keurboom Park, or Imhoff Farm.  And then the places for not so sunny days, like the Aquarium, or the Play Shed, or um…  Ja, so clearly I’m lacking a bit on this one.

Which is why I want to hear from you!  Where is your regular go to spot to let your kids loose, enjoy a good cup of coffee/meal and spend some good old family fun time together.  Who is in?  Email me (cindyalfino.at.gmail.com) if you are interested in featuring in this (hopefully) weekly post and I’ll get in contact.

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