The Time We Simultaneously Celebrated And Destroyed The Alphen Hotel

It has become apparent to me that soon our faces are going to be plastered right at the top of every restaurant list, right under the “DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE IN” sign.  It will probably be a still from the camera footage showing Knox dangling from the strings of the light shade or of Riya eating her food while dressed in only her stockings and inside out top or Kyla walking around holding her dress up above her tummy.

But I am glad that we got to experience it at least once before being banned.  Because it is really beautiful.  We had our own little section of the 5 Rooms Restaurant where we ate, drank and general merriment was had.

The decor was gorgeous. We were surrounded by old paintings, the tiles around the fire place were from 1666 and everywhere you looked you could just feel the history that the building held.  But then at the same time, they have modernised it in such a way that it still shows its history while staying trendy.  This is some of the beauty of our section:





Seth’s Dad surprized Ga and Aunty Romy because she thought that they were just going to go down to Ocean Basket in Sea Point for lunch.  I think that they were both very pleasantly surprised by this place.  We had such a fun afternoon spending time with family.  I really love Seth’s family, how many people there are and how loving and accepting they are.  It is such a fun and special time for me to witness their love for each other.

But now, back to the less emotional portion – the food was also great by the way.



How gorgeous is this kid?!  Despite this being the first real day that he was feeling terrible, he will never miss an opportunity to drop me that dazzling smile.IMG_4780



Kyla looking like a real little girl while she had chats with all the Aunties.IMG_4669


The other birthday girl.IMG_4628



Seth, not to be outdone by all the works of art around him, was trying to frame himself.IMG_4590




2 thoughts on “The Time We Simultaneously Celebrated And Destroyed The Alphen Hotel

  1. Yeah what Cat said… Spur is the closest to a restaurant we go to and even they are about to ban us… Babysitters or take out… Kudos to you crazies xx

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