Love Wish Wardrobe – Sticky Fudge Edition.

I’m so sick of thinking about packing and not packing and how I should be packing that I have decided to think about beautiful clothes instead.  Aaaaah, that’s better.

On the weekend I got the girls into their new Sticky Fudge gear and we had our own little shoot at home – this time it included Kyla.  I waited so long to put them in it because we haven’t had an “occasion” for them to wear it to, it’s too precious to be put on for just anything.  I know I may be pedantic about it, but my Riya and white clothes don’t really do well together.  And um, I will totally deny those eye witnesses that tell you that I removed Riya’s dress every time she ate anything at the Alphen Hotel.  That’s right Constantia.  That’s what you get when the Alfino’s come to play.

Anyway, here’s our little shoot.  I can’t say it was sponsored by Sticky Fudge because they don’t even know I am doing this post, but also because this was our stash from Riya’s first modelling job.  And these photo’s are nowhere near as cool as the pictures that Sticky Fudge took – which are now online (that’s right – that’s my girl that you will sight right there on the home page)!

Oh, and Kyla wants you to know that she totally started this whole jumping for a photo thing, because seriously guys, look how high she can jump!












By the way it is quite reassuring to know that gravity is a real downer even when you are 3 years old.  Literally.  The pictures of the “bloopers” of the kids just landing after a jump are hilarious.  Their lekker chubby cheeks are nearly touching the floor and I die laughing everytime I look at them.  I would post them, but I think they may would disown me once they are old enough to wander on over here and be like “Ooooh my gersh Mom!  How dare you put these totally disgusting pictures of me on here, like oh my word!”.

Oh and if you’re in Cape Town don’t forget you can win something cool with Kids Cove – Room To Love – all you need to do is comment 🙂

2 thoughts on “Love Wish Wardrobe – Sticky Fudge Edition.

  1. Absolutely love Kyla’s dress… And the cardi… Wow… I am having serious envy… My poor poppet won’t see the likes of Sticky Fudge in her wardrobe 😦 love the jumping pics, you have some talent… Need you to take some pics of our family… Please! Have NONE with all of us in….

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