WIN With Kids Cove – Room To Love

This weekend was a great success in the packing front and by that I mean that it totally wasn’t.  Unless packing 4 boxes is considered success.  Anyway, it helped me to re-evaluate all the stuff that we have for the kids and I mentioned before that this was our chance to redecorate the kids rooms.

I’ve checked out some stores, but none that I have been as impressed with as Kids Cove in Tokai – you can even order online!  Anyway, the real exciting news is that Kids Cove are going to be giving away right here on 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House and you can actually choose your prize.


There will be no jumping through hoops while simultaneously juggling social media platforms to enter this competition, all you need to do is comment below.  That’s it.  Though just out of interest I’d like your comment to be which one of the prizes you would prefer – and while you’re at it, check out their website and let me know what your favourite item is of their whole range.

If I could enter, I would totally love those storage crates (they would look perfect in the shelves going into the girls room) or that goldilocks bedspread (that is the first story the kids could actually tell me without much prompting from me and this duvet cover actually tells the story with the pictures !).

So instead of only redoing your kids rooms in your head and on your Pinterest boards, let’s do this for real – these are your choices to add to your own home:

  1. “I am super” 3/4 Duvet Cover set
  2. “Goldilocks” 3/4 duvet cover set
  3. Two storage crates and a pot of Ascribe Chalk board paint
  4. Removable Safety Rail



kids cove

Winners will be announced Monday the 26th thanks to

Unfortunately there have to be some rules and the only one is that this competition is only available to my fellow Cape Townians – we definitely need some happiness with this terrible weather.  Also please know that if you haven’t commented here before it will just have to come to me for approval before it will be visible on the site.

Also, if you want to be kept in the know about all the specials and awesome giveaways that Kids Cove are offering in the future go on and like their Facebook Page – you know you want to.

37 thoughts on “WIN With Kids Cove – Room To Love

  1. This is such a great comp. I love the 3rd choice. And unpacking 4 boxes in my eys is a success.

  2. How exciting!
    I would love to win number 3, they all have so many uses, and I would love to transform a wall with the chalkboard paint!

  3. Fab competition..Love Kids Cove’s products.. Definately Choice 3 – boxes and chalkboard paint. Solves the writing on the wall problem 🙂

  4. How exciting – I love the 3 crates, just love organising things and these would be perfect. Happy packing and then decorating when you move.

  5. I nearly died! Thought you were giving away THAT bed (I was so ready to jump through hoops and juggle whatever you wanted me to!).Buttt the storage crates are lovely, and one could alway do with storage crates in a kiddies room. My absolute favorite on the website is the Rory slatted bed and the Carson tallboy storage unit 🙂

  6. So I’m going to be totally original (not). I NEED choice 3. Currently we have 3 toy boxes, well more like a cardboard box, basket and a ‘very almost broken’ leather-ish box. The mix’nmatch look drives me nuts. Would love 3 beautiful, colour coordinated crates for the kids’ toys.

  7. What an awesome competition! Totally love choice number 3! So many amazing uses! The bedding is also gorgeous, but the crates have so many amazing uses!!!

  8. These are super cool for kids!!! I would like either of the choices, but my eyes are drawn to choice 3, “Two storage crates and a pot of Ascribe Chalk board paint”… My fingers are so crossed to win 🙂 exciting times!

  9. I love option 3. I have been dying to give my kids a chalk board space to doodle and those crates would be handy hiding away all their toys!

  10. I would love to win this competition and my choice would be no. 3 for my granddaughters bedroom. They share a bedroom so storage space is at a premium which means that these attractive boxes would be very useful.The chalk board paint would also be useful.

  11. Definately the crates and chalkboard paint. We’ve finally cleared out our loft room. It’s no longer a hold-all-the-junk-nobody-knows-what-to-do-with room and is slowly being transformed into a playroom. This is no mean feat when the room needs to simultaneously cater for a seven year old girl and a baby boy. Those crates would be perfect and a chalkboard wall, a must.

  12. Hi all, i would love to win option 1, ‘ i am super’ duvet for my son. i think that he is absolutely super. I visited the KidsCove website and i love the High Loft Bed, it takes up minimal space in a room and is so practical. My son can read, do homework and sleep( under his i am super duvet) and all of this in the same space. So for him i would love to win that duvet cover…thumbs crossed!

  13. With a new baby on the way coming just after Christmas (unless she surprises us) I would definitely go for choice 3. Setting up the room will be much sweeter with these gorgeous crates. And if I could choose another option it would be option 2 for my sweet 2 year olds bed, she would go crazy 🙂 She loves reading in bed and this would be a double win! Checked out the website too and fell in love with the Luke L-shaped bunk bed, how awesome would it be to have the girls sleeping in these funky beds when they got a little older!

  14. My busy little dude would love option 1. He will be 2 in 2 months as is ready to move into a bed, so this would be perfect. Crossing fingers and holding thumbs 🙂

  15. Love Kids Cove- their combined bed/storage/desk units on sale at their tokai shop are amazing!I would love those boxes to add colour and organisation to life- a great combo;)

  16. Oh my goodness! They around the corner from me and iv never discovered their awesomeness!!! Shocking! Will def be making a turn there this weekend to take a closer look! The storage draws and chalkboard paint would be amazing! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. Oh my word – I didn’t know this place existed until I saw this post on your blog. I love it! We’re moving in October and need bunk beds for the boys – they have EXACTLY what we are looking for!

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