The One Where Kyla Makes My Heart Melt

Have I mentioned that we took away Riya’s num num?

I don’t think I have, which is quite weird considering it has made a huge change to the stability that we were enjoying in our household.


Since we took it away, um I mean when the BUTTERFLY FAIRIES took it away on the day of her birthday (with her consent and enthusiasm) our lives changed forever.  All the things that we took for granted, like early nights to sleep, sleeping through, managing the tantrums…  All that is gone.  Hopefully not forever, but right now it seems like we will never see the light again.

For example on Sunday RiRi had a total of 6 epic tantrums that lasted approximately 30 minutes each.  The triggers are small, like after checking with her about cutting the string of her balloon she decided that she didn’t want it cut, or we left the place that we were having tea, or I asked her to put her socks on or she didn’t get the right size paper that she demanded.

By the time it was bedtime I was frazzled.  Completely an utterly frazzled.  You see, when she melts down she screams for me the whole time.  If I indulge her and go to her lovingly and calm with my arms wide open for loves and cuddles, all I get is a quick hug before she starts kicking me and hitting me.  She then stomps away from me and then proceeds to call my name again.  I’ve mentioned before how I know that when it starts she is being naughty, but then she gets to a point where she just can’t control it or herself anymore and then she can’t come back.  Not without help.  Although the cuddles, smacks, time out on the naughty chair or just ignoring her just doesn’t work anymore.

Finally on Sunday night when she was freaking out because it was bedtime and she didn’t want the tea that we made for her, Seth picked her up and closed her in the bathroom after giving her a whack on her bum.  She calmed down almost instantly.

When she came back to the room I was huddled in the dark on the chair, feeling defeated and trying to quietly pretend that I was not there, when I heard the girls have the sweetest conversation that ever graced my eardrums…

Kyla  (in hushed, caring and soothing tones oozing with love for her sister): Wi-Wi, why you cry so much?  You feel sad?

Riya (through snorts and post freak-out hiccups):  Ja, me feel sad. 

Kyla: You cry weal, weal loud cos you sad?  Why you so sad Wi?

Riya: Yes, me weal sad. Daddy mack my bum, me cry real loud.

Kyla: Me see you sad, but loud cry 3 -4 times too much Wiwi, too much. Kay?  One time fine, but 3 -4 times too much Wiwi.  Too much.  Kay?

Riya: Mmmm, okay Kyla.

And right there Kyla proved why she is the bestest big sister to ever be a big sister.  Riya you are one lucky, lucky sister.

We are still struggling to manage them, but thankfully they seem to be becoming slightly less per day, dropping down to maybe 2 or 3.  Which is still way to much.  But I understand that she is dealing with not having her num num right there when she is struggling with all the crazy emptions coursing through her when she is frustrated.  Which seems to be all the time.  Aaah the joys of being a woman.


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