A Chance To Redecorate Their Rooms!!

I have now packed a total of 7 boxes.  I am so proud of myself right now.  And for some reason I just can’t get enough of this packing thing, I love packing.  And apparently Seth loves unpacking…  I always knew there was a reason that we made an amazing couple.

And oh my gosh you guys, I have only just realised one of the most exciting things about moving is that we have a second chance to completely redesign the kids rooms!  I don’t know if you remember us getting the girls involved last time and ending up with this, but this time I want them to choose something that will grow with them for a little while.  And even though Kyla professes to loving pink forever, I am hoping this will not be the case.  Even though they looked so cute posing in front of it…


This is where Pinterest comes in.  Man there are so many awesome ideas out there, here are some that I have for the girls room and for Knox’s room.  I love that vintagey look, not necessarily a “everything in it’s perfect place all the time” look, but an organised mess look is my favourite.  Because kids are kids and what’s the point of trying to make them do certain things (like have a ridiculously spotless room) when it’s just not possible – unless you’re Seth.  In which case it’s totally possible to be the neatest person in the world.

Anyway, I have been dreaming about what to do in there.  Should we do a light version of pink again?  Should we do an awesome grey and white as the walls and trim and then have the pink or blue or other feature colour for the changeable items?  So many questions!

But then I got an email from Dulux and I thought their tips are actually quite cool and important to consider.  So here’s their tips of the trade – literally.

Children’s Bedroom Décor Tips

image001 (1)

Children love bright and bold colours as it reflects the liveliness of their nature. So why not include them when it comes to selecting colours for their rooms? You may just be amazed by how their openness affects your viewpoint regarding bold and bright use of colour in other parts of your home.

However, it is important to be aware of colour proportions when it comes to bright, bold tones which need to be balanced by either neutral colours, white and sometimes even black – the ideal effect would be a stimulating environment but one that also offers comfort for children to retreat and relax in.

Deep colours and black are not one’s usual selection or preference when it comes to children’s décor but these choices should not be disregarded as these colours add dimension to the space, allowing other bright décor elements to pop against them.

Where to start?

Start with the right words – Get your child engaged in the project by thinking about warm, emotional words that create an interesting colour story for them, compared to that of an abstract approach which children may not be able to relate to.

Bear activities in mind – Identify the spaces in your child’s bedroom where he/ she will play, sleep and study (older children). For play area’s select bright and vibrant hues that encourage activity and sensorial enhancement. When it comes to sleeping, keep surfaces that are in your child’s direct visual field (such as the items they see when lying down on their bed) neutral with minimal bright colours and shapes.

Items that can’t change – Keep in mind that the colour of the flooring, light fittings etc. may not be changeable items, so you need to consider these items when choosing a colour scheme ensuring all elements and colours complement one another.

The age of your child – Your five year old may select colours that stimulate his/her sense of fun and play, these may include colours from the “Dulux Rich” or “Fresh” colour mood range, whereas your 16 year old may prefer funky, fashion-led shades found in the unique Dulux ColourFuturesTM trend forecast. (Visit www.colourfutures.com for more information).

Correct paint product – The surfaces in a child’s bedroom need to be hardwearing and washable. For walls use a product such as Dulux Luxurious silk with a 10 year guarantee and repaint small furniture, cupboard doors and trims with Dulux Pearlglo, a water-based enamel that is not only knock and chip resistant, but also quick drying and low in odour, making rapid entry back into the room possible. Paint smooth surfaces such as melamine, glass and wall tiles with Dulux Supergrip etching primer prior to painting with colour.

Suggested Dulux colours:




  By Dulux Colour Specialist Sonica Bucksteg   

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