I Want To Be Here Right Now (Flashback Friday)

This warm weather has put a spring in my step.  It’s glorious.

I can’t wait to leave the office so that I can go and sit in the sun with the kids and watch them play.  I LOVE this weather.  Really, really love it.  It helps me to feel so much at ease and happy.  Suffice to say that I would not do well in the other half of the world, all those grey skies all the time, no thank you.

But in this wonderfully warm weather, where you can sit in the sun and feel your toes warm up finally, this is where I actually want to be.

Building sandcastles and getting my toes wet.

2012 - 0714 This one up on top here was on a random hot day in September last year, when we were just 4.  And the one below was waaaay back in 2010, when Riya was only a couple of months old.  There is a full post about going to Fish Hoek Beach – which is where these pictures (and more) were taken. beach 4

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