How Do I Turn This Into A Party In 2 Days?

Every year I like to throw the girls a nice party.

I suppose I feel this need because, well, it’s their birthday and it only comes around once a year.  And because they have to share a party I feel the need to make it a little bigger than usual.  Well there’s that, but we also have so many important family members to invite it doesn’t make sense doing everything twice.

But really I am a sucker for making parties and birthdays special – I love being made a fuss of on my birthday and want to do the same for my kids.  I love making the decorations, I love planning the themes, I love designing what it will look like even if it doesn’t even remotely look like what it did in my head.  I don’t really care about what everyone else thinks, but I care about what my girls think and that they feel special for their day of celebration – albeit shared.

Normally by this time of the party planning (2 full days to go), I have taken these 2 days off, I have lists that I have checked twice, I have cut out a thousand butterflies or made 20 tissue paper pom poms, I have a design of the cake in my head, I have ordered all the food, I have ordered a jumping castle and even packed party packs.

But this time I suck.

Mostly due to the huge amount of head space that buying a new house took up, but also just dealing with 3 children and a busy work schedule.  For example I am not taking today off, instead I am working late training a new employee – which is something I enjoy but it still carries it’s unique brand of stress and time consumption.

So excuse me if you don’t hear from me much after this…  Because I will be busy turning this…

2013-07-31 19.44.32

Into an amazing (or a desperate attempt at amazing) party for my precious girls.

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