Mommy Fail – I Think I Just Heard My Girl Swear?!

Happy Monday!

Or is it?  Well this Monday is a day that is going to be filled with answers to so many questions about whether or not we will definitely be moving…  Or not.  This weekend threw a bit of a curve ball in the works, but despite that I am feeling optimistic – I am not even sure why though.  And despite that I am feeling so nervous that I may just puke.  So instead of dwelling on that let’s talk about how I think I heard my daughter swearing.

Yes, that’s right, you heard me!

We were sitting in the bathroom while she did her thing.  We were chatting about some random thing, probably something like how I didn’t believe that she did absolutely nothing at school that day, when she dropped the toilet paper on the floor and muttered “damnit” under her breath!

2013-07-07 13.17.10

I was so caught off guard that I laughed.  Which I guess I probably not the best way to reprimand a toddler (is she still a toddler?  4 seems to be too old to be called a toddler!)

Thankfully she didn’t take this as fuel to start a “damnit” infused monologue.

Because who needs that.

But later that week we were sitting at the table and she was busy doing a puzzle and just couldn’t get it right when she exclaimed (with enthusiasm and perfect timing), “What the heck!!”.

I almost fell off my chair.  Granted it’s not real swearing – as swearing goes.  But hearing it emanate from my (mostly) sweet, innocent child was quite startling.  I silently cursed the gods because we would now be “those” parents.  The ones whose child swears at birthday parties and baptisms.  And I cursed the person that exposed my children to this terribleness.  And then it dawned on me…

I was that person.

Flip.  One thing that I really struggle with is my language – especially when I am mad or tired (for example when they smash a broom on my head accidentally or Riya kisses Knox so hard that it knocks him right over or I haven’t slept properly in over week).  It’s something that I am aware of and really have to control, especially around the kids.  And I thought I had it kind of under control.  Until now.

Although I guess that seeing as those words aren’t too bad I am kind of succeeding?  Sort of?  Maybe?

Do you struggle with this?  How do you manage to control your tongue.

5 thoughts on “Mommy Fail – I Think I Just Heard My Girl Swear?!

  1. I’m right there with you… My language is pretty shocking. If only damnit or heck were my worst… And yes, E has also uttered some swear words… Hence the active attempt not to swear anymore…. But yeah, sleep depravation or being smacked with hard objects tends to void those efforts. Accountability?

  2. OMG, I struggle with this hectically. My son now knows what are swear words and what aren’t and reminds me to mind my language. I have also taught him, that Mommy is not infallible and is prone to making mistakes from time to time.

  3. GURRRL please! Those words are at least “ok” in so far as swearing goes! But I know what you mean. I say friggen/freakin alot.. and while I wouldn’t exactly call that hardcore cussing, when I heard Liam say it the other day I almost choked on my saliva!!

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