The Balls Are Starting To Fall Into Place…

So…  It seems like in the next few months we will be packing up our bags and moving to the area of our dreams.  And the house of our renovation dreams – that I totally did not have, but will say I did for the purpose of this post.

That’s pretty much what all our time and energy has been going into recently.  Cleaning house, showing house, worrying about house, advertising house, cleaning house again.  I am just so glad that this seems like it might all be over soon…

And also.  Children have a wonderful habit of untidying everything that you have just tidied.  For example when I know that someone is coming, I do a clean sweep of the house, starting at Knox’s room and ending in the lounge.  While I was doing the lounge I noticed that the girls were playing in my room and pretending to play “Doodoo, doodoo, doodoo” as Riya calls it.  And despite it’s name, it’s not that kind of doodoo – they are pretending to sleep in our bed and not step in dog poop.  Because that would be weird.

Anyway, the estate agent came and showed the house while I chilled in the lounge with the kids.  When everyone had left I walked into my room and besides the bed looking like a disaster with the pillows all over the floor, the girls had lined up every single one of the dolls that they owned and lined them all up against the cupboards.  And not only were they lined up but they were covered in blankets too…  And I don’t know if you remember Sophie and Rosie


I can’t even imagine what the people thought of us, although I can say that they didn’t put in an offer so I guess that kind of says it all…


2 thoughts on “The Balls Are Starting To Fall Into Place…

  1. I love this sleeping pic of the girls! And good luck with the packing and unpacking and packing and unpacking.. it’s such a schlep but worth it once you’re in your new home 🙂

    ps: Not sure if I wished the new 4 year old happy birthday, so big smooches for her too! xx

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