She’s Finally Four And All She Wanted Was Rice For Supper!

Sunday morning was a rush of mixed emotions for me, waking up and realising that I am a Mom to a 4 year old girl is both exciting and sobering.  But thankfully there was only one real emotion coming from the 4 year old to take my mind off all the questions running through my head and that was excitement!

As soon as we were all up, which happened to be a bit later than usual, we all made our way through to the kitchen for Kyla to open her present.  She was soooo happy to finally have it in her hands that she ripped it open in seconds.  Now the background for the present is that she wanted a mermaid Barbie for her birthday, we know this because we asked her and she said it without hesitation.  How she even knew that there was a mermaid Barbie out there boggles my mind, but nevertheless TakeALot had it for us and delivered it the very next day.


After opening her present and figuring out how it worked (with the help of Daddy who has the need to know how everything works) she asked the question that had clearly been troubling her since she woke up…  “Mommy, where me cake?”

Once I had reassured her that she will most definitely (probably) have cake later, they got ready to go to church with Daddy.  Mommy was naughty and took Knox to go and buy all the goodies for the little family party that afternoon, which most definitely included cake.  But that’s just a side note, because just look at how 4 year olds get ready to go out…


When she returned home and I could prove that I had indeed bought her a very large chocolate cake (sies on me for not making it I know – but really guys, Woolies makes it so much better than I could anyway), we had some lunch.  Then I had to plop them in front of a movie (The Lorax – which is one of the funniest animated movies I’ve watched in a while) because we had to get the house “show” ready.  We had 3 different groups of people come traipsing through our house on Kyla’s birthday.  I know it’s not really a big deal, but I felt like it was a big deal.


But once they were gone we had a chance to get the family together and celebrate my little girl turning 4.  She couldn’t believe her luck in getting to open so many more presents.  She also didn’t know what on Earth to do with herself when we sang Happy Birthday to her.  She kept looking down at her colouring until it was over and I had to encourage her to blow out her candles.  I suppose it’s a lot of pressure being the centre of attention.  Believe it or not I used to cry every time they sang Happy Birthday to me because it was just to much attention on me at once.  And to be honest I even cried when they weren’t singing it to me because I still felt like there was too much pressure on me.  I’m a weirdo.  And no matter how hard I try to not pass these idiosyncrasies on my kids, they seem to pick it up anyway.  Sorry Kyla.  And Riya.  But Knox, there may be hope for you…

Finally the sun was setting on the very first day of my baby girl being 4.


At this point I gave the birthday girl the opportunity to choose absolutely anything that she wanted for supper.  Would you even believe me that all she wanted was a bowl full of rice?!  Here’s hoping that by next year we have tried (and loved) some more exciting foods.

The very last thing on the agenda (besides coaxing the sugar-high children into bed and making them stay there), was to pack the party packs for Kyla to take to her class the next morning.  And despite all 4 of us doing it, it really seems to have been a big stress for Kyla…  Judging by her hair anyway.



So my Kyla babe, you had a great day, despite the last photo.  And even despite the fact that everyone that sees that last photo comments on how much you look like me.  It seems that another thing that you got from me is that stare.  But you seem to have gotten it down even better than I do.

I love you poppet.  And to answer your question about how long till your next birthday, it’s lots and lots of fingers and toes that I don’t want to wish away quite yet.


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