In Limbo

I never realised how much stress one can experience in trying to sell their house.  Or waiting to know if one should sell their house, is probably more appropriate.

At the moment we are floating around in limbo.  Not knowing what is really going on.

And despite that we have some one coming to view our house tonight.

It’s just making it so real and I still don’t know how I feel about it.  Even though I am already thinking how, in the new house,  I can sleep in for 20 minutes in the morning because we are 20 minutes closer to work and school and pretty much everything, I still can’t get over leaving my little old house behind.  I always knew we would move on to another home, but I always thought that we would keep the house to rent out.  Not staying there but still having it to go back to and walk around in if ever I felt like it.  Random and overly ambitious, I know.

Remembering all those nights long ago, that my brother and I would sit on the edge of our beds and watch what my parents were watching on TV in the reflection of the “display cabinet” or jumping from rug to rug so as to not land in the water and get eaten by sharks.  Or to thinking about just a little while ago, bringing each of the kids home from hospital and showing them around or lying on the couch with my massive preggy tummy watching Seth paint or tripping over the hole in the floor or making our very own veggie patch.


Just to mention a few of the memories made there would take me all day.  It’s surprising me how much I am actually attached to this house.

Nevertheless, we will hopefully have a bit more clarity on what’s happening by the end of the day.  Please pray that no matter what the outcome, we will be OK with it.

(Oh, and thanks to all you faithful people out there who stuck with us through WordPress having issues and not displaying posts on phones.  You have no idea how much I love you!)

3 thoughts on “In Limbo

  1. they say that selling a house is the 2nd most stressful thing in ones life… you are among the multitudes of stressers, besides your normal stress, which you involuntarily inherited from me…lol

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