On Going Mad And 4 Year Old Freak Outs (From Me – Not The Almost 4 Year Old)

“I’m going slightly mad…  I’m going slightly mad…  It finally happened…  It finally happened….  It finally happened…  I’m slightly mad.”  Who can say it better than Queen?

As you know things in and around our household have been taking mountains of strain in the last couple of weeks.  Seth thinks I am being melodramatic and that things aren’t actually so bad.  And I guess they’re not really.  It’s just a lot of different things, all with severe consequences and side effects affecting every part of my daily life – work, home and play.  So like he said, I’m tooooootally being melodramatic.

Anyway.  Although we managed to get out to the shops this weekend and to M&M’s, the rest of the last couple of weeks have been spent inside our house.  Let me tell you that you never really realise how small your house is until you try and hide from your children for 5 minutes.  (Uh…  We were totally playing hide and seek… Um… Sort of…  Does it still count if they didn’t know they were supposed to be seeking?)

All I want to do is get out and spend some time in a green place of tranquillity.  Even with the kids there.  Actually, scratch that.  Especially with the kids there.  What is a green place of tranquillity without the sounds of laughing, playing children?!  Boring.  That’s what.

But instead this week will be dedicated to preparing the small scale celebrations of this monkey (big scale prep is for the double party in August).

2013-07-07 13.17.13

You see this Sunday my oldest baby will be 4 years old.  4 whole years.  I’m still in shock.  If I didn’t have Knox (who is almost not a baby himself) I would be having a full on freak out session.  Especially after spending the greater part of last night watching old home videos of when she was just born!  She has grown and changed so much since then, but there is still something so the same about her.  Which is to be expected I guess.

What is a new experience for me will be packing 20 little party packs for her to take to school on the Monday morning for all her friends.  I can tell that she is super excited to be the one bringing the goodies in this time.  And on that note, what do you like your kids to come home with in a party pack?  Random sweets that put them on a sugar high?  More healthy snacks?  Practical toys that they can play with and learn from?

Go on, tell me what you think...

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